Essentials message spammers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cookiemonsta41, Dec 25, 2013.

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    So my server has recently come under attack by a few people, who were spamming /msg ** Fuck you
    /msg ** messages everyone on the server. Is there anyway that i can block them from doing /msg ** i check the essentials permissions and i haven't found anything. Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance.

    edit: i put this in the wrong forum if a staff member could move it as well.
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    Use /mute to mute them until you find solution to block that.
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    /msg is a default minecraft command it is an alias of /tell by default Craftbukkit adds permissions of all default minecraft commands.

    so simply put negate the permission for /tell from your players

    for bpermissions it would be:

    - -bukkit.command.tell

    On a side note why is it that 90% of server owners and coders seem to not know about thease permissions? iv seen soo many plugins made to block /plugins and /version and i just facepalm every time just negating the permissions does the same thing without extending the server startup time.
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    You can take away the permission essentials.msg

    You might also want to look at plugins that control chat profanity and spamming. Some plugs that do or include this are pwnfilter, grief protection, nocheatplus. There are many others.
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