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    Hello plugin developers, I'm here to request a plugin expansion for essentials!

    What I want?
    I am using essentials for my jail plugin and I have cells where I put my players! The feature I want is to put a sign on each cell that will show:

    FIRSLINE: [player that is jailed]
    SECONDLINE: [Time Left Until Release]
    THIRD: Empty
    FOURTH: Empty

    How Could You Make plugin?
    Simply By putting a sign anywhere you want and typing: /jailsigncreate [name of the jail] and the sign will display info of the player jailed in that jail!

    What If you have more than one player in the jail?
    Well... I have more than 20 jail cells and only one player per jail so the plugin will not glitch!

    Thanks For Any Response!

    My Contact Info:
    best way to send a pm at
    skype: danisblack9
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks :)
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    Thank you for your suggestion addon to Essentials.

    We appreciate when people have suggestions; however, to make it easier to track for us devs, please create a ticket on our Assembla Ticket Manager.

    If we think this is a viable addition to Essentials, we will let you know on that ticket and add the sign.

    From first look, it looks like a useful sign; however I don't think a second line would be that helpful, as the time left would be different per person.
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    Thank you for you response, I think the best way would be to make a configurable option to disable the second line for others if they find it unneeded! Ill just write a ticket :D

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