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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Explosions, Mar 27, 2015.

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    Okay. I know how to change the chat format via essentials.
    I got:

    I have changed the config.yml in Essentials how I want chat but it will not take effect...
    None of my plugins are taking over...? I don't think.
    My Plugins From Ingame:

    My Plugins From FTP:
    (It's a dedicated server :p)

    My Config:

    No work:

    See it doesn't work the config for essentials chat.... Wtf
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    What is the format you want to display? Make sure it doesn't have a # in front of it.
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    format: '{DISPLAYNAME}&7: &f{MESSAGE}'
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    @Explosions It may not be working for a few different reasons, if you added in prefixes in your permissions file it may be overriding that format. Also, NEVER reload the server, this causes so many problems (including date loss, configs being reset to their defaults, etc.) always stop it through the console or /stop ingame, because the reload may be causing this.
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    Yeah its cause I got factions.... :p
    Factions has more controll...

    my problem now is:
    "well I can't find the file to configure faction prefixes.....?
    Where is it?
    it's not in MassiveCore folder..."

    nvm fixed it all :)
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    Reloads don't affect Essentials.
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