Essentials config always resets

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lilboda29, Jul 18, 2012.

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    I am making a factions server and i want to edit the essentials config. I edit it with notepad++ then when i save it, it works fine until i run the server. It gets restored to the original config. Am i doing something wrong or is my server screwed up. Please help me!
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    There are most likely errors so essentials won't work, so it generates a new config and renames your old to config.yml.old I am pretty sure. Make sure your YAML formatting is correct with no tabs.
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    Everything up to date? Btw search this in the forums, i know ive seen at least two of this type of problem.
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    All I did was change some false and trues and some numbers. I dont know how I could be messing it up.
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    find config.yml.broken and paste it using
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    i think i did this right, never used paste bin before. but in the run.bat it said something about line 149.
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    parser deems it as fine, stop server, put the new config in, start server, if config resets, paste startup log.
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    never mind i fixed it.
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    How did yOu fix it!?
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    if you are having a problem, make your own thread.
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