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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Porgeyman, Feb 20, 2014.

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    So, I am working on my server and need to perfect the chat. I want the Group then the Faction name then the display name. I have tried a lot of things I will post paste bin links to my Essentials Chat and my Factions Chat area. If anything else is required then let me know. There will aslo be a secreenshot of the current chat.

    Essentials Config:
    Factions Config:

  2. go into your essentials folder, go into config, scroll down to "Essentials chat" (

    When you see where it says formats and group formats copy this into it instead of the default one.

    format: '§a[{factions_roleprefix}§r§e{factions_nameforce}§r§a] §r{DISPLAYNAME}§r§7:§r {MESSAGE}'

    And I'm guessing you can figure it out from there, thats mine, all you need to do is customize it :)
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