Essential Signs Stopped Working

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Firetigress99, Jan 1, 2021.

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    I am running a Java server on 1.16.4 through an online hosting site with the 2.18.2 essentials plugin release.

    Seemingly overnight the essential signs stopped working. My server has a store using the essential buy and sell signs and when you click on them no action occurs (not even an error message). Even as an op nothing occurs. Before yesterday the players could buy and sell perfectly fine. When trying to replace the signs they appear red instead of blue even though the signs follow exactly how they should be formatted. Even the mail and balance signs don't work when I tried testing them (and I assume all the others). I double-checked that nothing in the essentials config changed and restarted the server multiple times. Thank you for reading my problem and please help out if you can.

    Essentials config:

    BetterSleeping3, BuycraftX, ChatFilter, CoreProtect, DropHeads, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, LPC, LuckPerms, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories, Multiverse-NetherPortals, Multiverse-Portals, MultiverseSpawn, PluginConstructorAPI, ServerAnnounce, SpawnerSilk, Towny, TownyChat, TownyNameUpdater, TsunamiListener, Vault, Votifier, WorldEdit, Worldguard
    (None of these were edited or changed in the hours before the issue occurred)
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    For anyone interested in this thread around late last night the signs started working again. I did nothing different so idk what exactly happened. All I can assume it was something with essentials.

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