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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Iscurb, Aug 9, 2015.

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    hello all.
    i am need help yesterday i open a server with plugins now i put many plugins with essential plugin.
    now in the game i say /gamemode 1 or 0
    and not work anything not work.
    /heal /gm /spawn /warp
    no respone and i try to wirte in the run.bat this start my server and i say /gamemode 1 <myname>
    and i do enter and nothing not happen no respone dont say anything and not do anything.
    just cant use all regular commands.
    and after i delet the essential plugin.
    and after i delet this work all commands in the game and in the run.bat.
    and i give myself op.
    but i need essential plugin so someone know how to fix this pliz ?
    help me i need this fast.
    and if someone ask i am using only essential.jar and essentialspawn.jar .
    so someone can help me and know how to fix this ? i dont know how so pliz i am wait.

    Waiting for an answer.
    Thank you so much for helping, and thanks in advance Ido.
    :) !
    And sorry about my poor English.
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    do /pl - is essentials red?
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    man this is not work its show me which plugins i have on the server what i put :(.
    pliz help me how to fix this ???
    waiting for anwser.
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    stop your server, then start it, and when it finishes booting up and you can login, stop it again.
    Then copy the ENTIRE /logs/latest.log file and paste it into and put the resulting link back here

    Not what you see in your console. That isn't enough. The entire latest.log file from the very first line, please.
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    here :

    and listen in line 5 i delet the ip becuse my server are not ready yet.
    and i delet all my plugins and i stay only the essential plugin becuse i have 34 plugins and i dont want make this hard to know why the commands not work.
    i do this comfortable for you :).

    ok ty i am waiting for anwser :) !.
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    Even with 34 plugins, the answer would be obvious.
    See on line 21: Error occured while enabling Essentials...get errors like that, the plugin isn't loading.

    In this case it is because you have a 1.8.x server, and are using Essentials for <1.7.10 versions.
    You need to get a specific build of essentials (and essentials related plugins) for spigot 1.8
    google "spigot 1.8 essentials" and get the SNAPSHOT files from the jenkins site
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    ty :).
    but boomer post a reply here and i post him back he will see the thread change ?
    ty alot :).
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    I dont understand what you are asking
    The original asker will get notifications of a thread comment as soon as it is made, the participants will get alerted on a schedule unless there is a @username in the post. You are the original question poster...
  10. Not true, only if he if is watching the thread which many people have turned off. Others will also get alerted if they watched without the need of a tahg or quote.
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