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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Randy Schouten, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Randy Schouten

  2. Cool keep up good work

    Will the Npc-quester plugin be incorperated in to this or will it run on the side?

    i will download and test this :D
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    Randy Schouten

    When I feel like this plugin is developed far enough to have sufficient functions, I will update/change NPC-Quester to work with EpicQuest :)
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    Logan deBC

    This is a pretty cool plugin, and I really hope you continue to develop this instead of making us cope with outdated uQuest. Your last NPC-Quester didn't work, despite the fact it didn't create any problems.

    One problem I found with this one is when I made my own quest, doing /eq give
    gave me my quest, but with 'null' data.

    At least it showed up. :) Make NPC-Quester work with this one, until Citizens releases their Quester.

    Also another question I have:

    Will mmCMO (mispelled probably) interfere with the priorities with EpicQuest?
    My players really liked the skills and would like for me to restore it.

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    I'll try this out today, looks good.

    Few Questions:
    Q. Will your "party system" replace "parties?" (I think it's self explantory, however, thought I'd ask anyways)
    Q. Will it interfere with "Factions Plugin?" (I can test it, if you are unaware)

    Test it, pretty awesome, hope to see it full developed some time soon

    Some Issues you may be aware of:
    1. /eq help just repeat's itself
    2. /eq questbook (if no quest on hand) will give you an internal server error

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    Hooking into factions would be a fun feature. I.e., give a faction a quest, and any of its members can complete it.
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    Randy Schouten

    @Logan deBC
    It should not interfere with any other plugins.

    I don't really understand what you mean by the first question.
    I'm also not aware if it interferes with Factions, so I'd be glad if you could check that out for me :)
    I am aware that /eq help doesn't do a thing, haven't programmed that in yet ;)
    I'll also look into the problem you posted.

    I'll look into this, should be fun :)

    Update 0.2 is live.
    Check the changelog to see what has been added, changed and fixed ;D

    To enable iConomy, change the value in the config file :)

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    Logan deBC

    Yes! That would be perfect for my new server!

    Does collect work now? I see you removed the comment.
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    Randy Schouten

    It doesn't work yet, the collect quest is probably the next thing I'll work on.
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    Since apparently uQuest isn't being updated, I thought I'd mirror my requests here in the hope that this plugin will eventually be able to replace/upgrade what uQuest is being used for. These are going to be pretty advanced for now, but you can put them on your very far future development list if you think they are doable. I'm no coder so I don't know how hard it would be to implement these. It looks like for now you're trying to get the quests working in the first place though. :)

    Quote from other thread on Multiworld Quest Support:

    I also noticed this plugin doesn't support BOSEconomy yet. It would be nice if it did in the future. For now I'll hold off on switching till this one is a bit more mature, since too much of my server relies on quests(it's the only main income for money from the server in the RP realms).

    Oh, and if you add NPC support, please make it optional for those who don't want to use NPCs. We prefer setting up "sign command guilds" because it lets us keep our theme going without needing npcs. One of our worlds is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon themed RP and so putting Minecraft NPCs would ruin the atmosphere. I'm sure we arn't the only server with a few customized RP enviorments that would be ruined by having to put the standard Minecraft NPC skins in them.

    Nice work so far, by the way! :)
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    Randy Schouten

    I will support more economy plugins when it enters 1.0.
    Also, the worlds idea should be easy to implement, so I'll do that.

    NPCs will also be available, but as a seperate plugin; You can already use it for uQuest.
    The plugin is called NPC-Quester.
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    First question was meant that currently some of us, well I use a party plugin called Parties.
    It features:
    - Party chat /pc
    - No PvP (configurable)

    Was wondering if the current WIP party part of your plugin would replace the "parties plugin" , however, I think it's self explanatory and would probably, so rhetorical question? :)

    In anycase, if you could integrate this with factions (which would be a pain) it would be awesome, however, I would just like them to work togther. From what I tested, it seemed fine, that is because nothing really "interfered"

    Keep up the good work, look forward to more information.
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    Logan deBC


    I think there is a name you can give an NPC to look like Mudkip. It's in the Citizens Wiki. I mean that is if you want all your NPCs to look like Mudkip...
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    Lynet ArchAngel

    Epic!! cant wait until this gets better!
    im gonna be using uQuests becouse this plugin doesnt seem to have blockdestroying and that

    btw suggestion, can u do so u can choose what quest to start?
    if not plz do!:D
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    Randy Schouten

    It's still a WIP, thus it's in this section ;)
    I fully understand one will not use this yet.

    It might seem a good idea to have a list of quests tho.
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    Suggestions: go to one area for a certain quest, rather than freely.
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    Randy Schouten

    That'll be the "moveto" quest type that I want to implement :)
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    As in you walk there, or some lame teleporting mechanic?

    Walking+Talking to a NPC/Sign > Teleporting/Simple command typing, Got to make it hard like quests.
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    I'm sorry, I have never used a questing plugin before. How do you get started? I didn't see a wiki or help page on this so I'm starting off a bit blind :p
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    Lynet ArchAngel

    yea i know its a WIP:p
    i just hope this gets alot better then uQuest:p

    Also just gonna add my other suggestions to.
    If you can plz add something in the quests file thing like this:

    -Quests needed to be compleeted to start this one
    [Like to start quest nr 20, quests 1-6 needs to be completed first [example]]
    -Chainquest To quest [QuestName or Nr]
    [kinda the same as quest needed to complet to start this one]
    -Aviable to Choose to start this [yes/no]
    [make it so you can choose to start this quest if u want to, like /eq startquest/givequest [questname/nr]]
    -Only Random Quest[Yes/no]
    [make it so you cant choose this quest, u only get this if u get a random quest]
    -Times allowed to compleet
    [like, you are only allowed to start this quest x times then it closes for that player]
    -Perhaps maybe only allowed once each 24hours?
    [so sey say the whole point, u can only do this quest once each 24 hour]

    Some other futures suggestions
    Since you already have an Npc-Quester plugin
    maybe you can add sign quests here, so like to start quest nr 25, u need to press the sign that are wherever u place it, if that is possible?
    Also make a quest type like this
    Get ur self killed 5 times [example]
    Types, Drowning, Burn, Lava, Falling and mob killing., that would be awesome if possible
    Adding it so u can choose how many active quests u can have, that would be cool!

    Just some ideas

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    Hello people,

    I'm using uQuest + NPCquester + Citizens.
    It works pretty good. But the quests aren't being saved, so when I reboot the server, people can take every quest again. :(

    My questions:
    In which of the 3 plugins can this be fixed ?
    Is EpicQuest supposed to relace uQuest ? or uQuest and NPCQuester ?
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    Logan deBC

    EpicQuest replaces uQuest, but it isn't finished yet. I believe Randy is going to at somepoint make NPCQuester for EpicQuest.
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    Randy Schouten

    Exactly what Logan said.

    (I think) I've almost finished collect quests, so it should be here by tomorrow.
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    Looks like killing sheep is not tracked correctly. Chickens, cows, pigs do work, but not sheep.
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    Any news when NPC-Quester is going to be linked with Citizens? :D

    I'm going to test this now and report any bugs, unless they've already been made clear :)

    EDIT: Noticed that here is no tutorial of how to set it up yet, I will be waiting ;)

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    Need gather quests, area visit tests.
    Also, I think would be nice if it was possible to pick a quest manually (not on a random basis).
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    - Fix the sheep issue, they don't get counted when their killed.
    - Make quests to find people
    - Give the option to hide certain NPC names, this will make them harder to find instead of looking through the floor and knowing where they are by their names.
    - Try to link it with world guard? Make quests only be able to be completed in certain regions, or if you can't link with world guard give us the ability to make our own regions.
    - Lastly, and most obviously, link with NPC-Quester :D

    EDIT: Sheep issue was caused by Bukkit :)
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    can you get it to be compatible with BOSEconomy?
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    How to fix it?

    A bunch of other feature requests you might think of implementing:
    - make quests giveable by ops;
    - hide certain quests from users so they can't take them unless a mod does it;
    - limit maximum number of quests taken by one user at time;
    - introduce time limit for quests (RL time)

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