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  1. Plugin category: Mechnical

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: EntityCounter

    What I want: I would like to a plugin that would count and show how many of each type of entities are in the current world. (loaded chunks)

    example output:
    /entitycounter horse

    Horse: 5
    Horse Baby: 2

    /entitycounter animal
    Chicken: 5
    Chicken Baby: 1
    Cow: 5
    Cow Baby: 0

    /entitycounter {entity} / {animal} / {monster}


    Thank you for reading.
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  3. @KiingSupreme

    Thank you for working on this. It work for entity.

    The only part missing is, can you add animal / monster.

    /entitycounter animal
    This will count all the animals in the current world

    *animal - cow, pig, sheep, etc.

    /entitycounter monster
    This will count all the hostile monsters in the current world
    *monster - zombie, spider, creeper, etc.
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  5. @KiingSupreme

    Thanks for implementing the commands.

    One more when using animal/monster - can you please add the list of each type following the total? So, I can see what all the animals or monster are there. Thank you!

    example -

    Animals: 233
    Pig: 52
    Pig Baby: 6
    Cow: 30
    Cow Baby: 3
    Horse: 9
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