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    Hear me out, I have read the common solutions, and I did see this problem there, but just restarting the server doesn't fix it.

    I am an admin on a server (to be released) and every once in a while, I would be disconnected, and my Minecraft client would close automatically, almost like a crash, but no report. However, in the console I would get the endOfStream error, and I find after trial and error that one command (others to be verified); /tp l r (l for my username, r for another player) causes this crash. This I think is a CommandBook command. To fix this, I have tried restarting, and to no avail. The current most temporary fix I have come up with is deleting my player.dat. This allows me to go on the server for a while until said command or other is executed.

    Until now this is what has been happening, and after deleting my player.dat again, and join the server, it allows me to (to be expected) but after about 5 seconds in game, it happens. I did not execute a command or anything, except stand absolutely still.

    So, I ask, is there any wisdom to shed on the matter as to what the problem may be and/or how I can fix it?


    EDIT: After some more troubleshooting, I can confirm this has to do with teleporting commands at the moment.
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    as i know EndOfStream is a network error of some kind, + i have been experiencing some lag / java problems in the new 1.3.1!

    hope i could help

    - xiLGNDx
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    So this is a bukkit error?
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    You say this happens on teleport commands, therefore remove the plugin that allows you to teleport with and test again, if it still occurs let me know and we can look for another error.
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