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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Simple enough, I want an enderpearl timer (config) that renames the item to the cooldown and it updates every 10 ticks.
    The "Enderpearl name (Finished)" message should display for 2 seconds. Once all those mumbo jumbo messages are over, the name is reset back to it's original name.

    Enderpearl Name (Cooldown): http://prntscr.com/7csp47
    Enderpearl Name (Finished): &cCooldown ended.
    Enderpearl Cooldown (In Chat): &cEnderpearl cooldown remaining: 5.1 seconds.

    If you're feeling nice, add a configuration. It's not needed, but would be cool!

    No permissions, no commands, not needed ASAP (Although it would be nice).
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    @MoejoeAw44 That would be kind-a laggy its better to do, when enderpearl is clicked display the time. Would you still like an enderpearl plugin if time is displayed when the enderpearl is clicked ? + I can add permissions.
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    @WATWtomanik3 You can try, and yes. Sorry for the late reply.
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    @MoejoeAw44 You still want an update very 0,5 second ? (it will cause more lagg then only show the time when the item is clicked)
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    @WATWtomanik3 Do you think you can make a toggle feature for it? I'd like both, but suited for different servers (kitpvp the auto update, and factions the click). Hope this is possible!
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