Enderman-Like Auto Dodge Projectiles

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by anaski, Aug 25, 2021.

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    Minecraft Version: 1.17+

    Suggested Name:
    Auto-Dodge Projectiles (I don't really mind.)

    What I Want:
    A simple plugin that allows players to auto dodge projectiles from players or mobs. Like, teleport to somewhere else but not too far away from the original position like an Enderman.
    Hopefully it also has Endermen particle effects.

    Ideas for Commands:
    /Autododge On (Username)
    /Autododge Off (Username)
    Automatically saves the function. (If the player's autododge command is enabled it will not reset on other world or rejoin the server until it is disabled.)

    Idea for Permissions:
    Only OPs can use the commands to affect players.

    When I'd Like It By:
    As Soon As Possible. Much Appreciated.
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    i can do this like, arrow won't hit the player but teleporting before hit seems hard to me..
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    Finished, you can toggle tridents and snowballs, set the max teleport distance, and the effects and sounds in the config.

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    Thank you so much.
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