Enderdragon egg tweak plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FreezeMc, Jun 12, 2022.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.18.2

    Suggested name: DragonEggTweaks

    What I want: So I have 4 requests for what I want in the dragon egg plugin

    1. Block the ender dragon egg from being thrown into the void, so if it gets touched by the void or gets trashed it will go into the player's inventory

    2. block burning the egg, if a player throws it in lava it will get re-added back into their inventory

    3. block the egg from going into chests or ender chests

    4. Make it so that if the egg is placed and you don't crouch near for 48 hours it teleports in the world randomly and gives the location in chat where it tp'd Example: "The dragon egg just teleported in %world%, %location%"
    Crouching near the egg will give the composter particle effect and say in chat "You kept your egg happy, please come back within 48 hours or else it will teleport away!" This is optional but would be awesome if a counter was ontop the egg with a hologram nametag saying "Teleporting in %time_till_teleport%

    The point of the plugin is the make the dragon egg more competitive so that players cant throw it into the void or keep it in their ender chests all the time, making it more valuable.

    Ideas for commands:
    /dragoneggtweak reload

    Ideas for permissions: det.reload

    When I'd like it by: Monday 6/13/22 or Tuesday 6/14/22
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    EDIT: I am unable to make this plugin, sorry. Maybe someone else can help!
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    Do you want them to be able to pick the egg back up? Also it doesn't feel very competitive, I think it would be better if the egg has been placed for at least 24 hours and you crouch it gives random items and money and it goes back in their inventory. They could place it back or store it somewhere (Don't really see the point for the 3rd request). Also if you crouch before 24 hours it gives you nothing but it still goes back into your inventory.

    And if they didn't crouch near it for 48 hour it would teleport and broadcast a message in chat.
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    This would be incredible to see made
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    This is the plugin

    Didn't add the hologram and also I didn't add make so you can't drop it to be honest it would be more annoying for the players in my opinion but I made it so it won't get deleted if thrown into cactus or lava. You can right click to see the remaining time and rewards I think it would be more challenging if you had to remember the time instead of having it float above the egg.

    Nothing much to say except to read the description of the spigot page and configure it correctly.

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