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    Hello I need a plugin made Called EnderHub for my Netowrk this is what I need
    Called: Ender Hub

    No permission - MineZ jump and sprint (plus effects/sounds)
    No permission - No access to chat or throw items down, you are stuck on one inventory item (even if you move around) {ADMINS CAN BYPASS}
    No permission - Spawns in a compass, with a server selection. Must be easily configurable, and has to have a way to click on an item and it opens up to a sub-menu with selections for animals (like Hypixel)
    No permission - Spawns with compass (in the compass) a Clock. Which will make players visible/invisible by click.
    Permission - Ban messages, etc…
    Permission - Automatic inbuilt ranks; default, premium, Moderator, Admin, Coder, and Owner (contact me for permissions)

    This all in ONE plugin!! Also it should block access to /pl, /plugins, /?, and /TABBUTTON

    Possibly, built in World Guard/World Edit.
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    There are public plugins available for everything you want.
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    Why does it matter if it's in one plugin.. users will not be able to see
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    for double jump use http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/doublejump/ and yes it does have effects if u go in the config and turn on cloud effects to true, Next for the teleportation with a compass use http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/chest-commands/ , and for the hub server use bungee cord http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/1-6-2-bungeecord.392/ that server mod can make hub servers , srry that there are not all in 1 plugin but i think this might satisfy (Bungeecord is not the easiest thing to do u might want to watch a tutorial. =D hope this helped

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