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    Spore has it. There are probably a dozen or so Minecraft websites of similar function. However, in addition to being decentralized and disorganized, if they have .schematics available, they must be downloaded and put on the server, and then pasted by someone with admin privileges.

    So what if we had a community-powered database of buildings, boats, statues, pixel art...we could even go specific and have sub-categories of building components like columns, walkways, archways, etc.?
    A plugin could be used on the server to download schematics from the database, and paste them in a specific location. Interface could be handled either inside the game (straight text from signs with buttons on either side allowing you to scroll right or left), or even better, some of the code in Dynmap could be used as a basis for a web-based GUI.

    Players could stand somewhere in the world, and the world's protection plugin could determine the maximum square size they're allowed to build in (4x4, 5x5, etc.) based on encroaching boundaries, or a pre-set "owned" location. They could then go on to the server's page, log in with an associated screenname, and peruse the (remote) database for something to paste where they're standing.

    When they click the button to bring it into the world, the database server communicates with the webserver and the minecraft server to provide feedback ("Selection successfully placed" / "you don't have enough room to put that there!" / "There was an error. Panic, but quietly.") and provide dual authentication to make sure the user definitely has permission to do what they're trying to do.

    A web based design could allow users to upload photos of their creations, short descriptions, leave comments and feedback for eachother, etc.
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    I just recently discovered the wonders of Minecraft Structure Planner and schematics, and am very excited about this idea.
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    If only.
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    I can do a proof of concept.
    All I need is the code necessary to interface WorldEdit, or to temporarily assure the player has permission to use the plugin, and then force chat commands from the player, and then a restoration of permission.
    Actually, wouldn't even need that, just a function that reads a .schematic file from Java (the file IO is easy) and can translate it into a block matrix. Putting it in the world at the player location is easy enough.
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    I would love to see the proof of concept. You know, MineQuest does something similar with it's quests doesn't it? I think in that case they use NPC's to activate quests which then load the structures into the world.

    I haven't run MineQuest as it is not in fitting with my current world concept but it may help with this one. It would be great to be able to load the structure visually and allow the player to move it around before setting it at a permanent location.

    I am visualizing a movement system similar to MagnetBlock for this.
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