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    Im planning to start up a prison plugin soon, just need a few more plugins(not asking for creation) as im sure they are out there just idk what they are called and where to find em,

    Currently i got:

    Prison mine.
    A away to reset the mine.
    Rankup(Seems outdated so looking out on that)

    What i need still but cant find.

    A plugin that allows for enchants like: Fortune 100, Effeciency 100 and unbreaking 1337(basicly doesnt break at all)
    Now that enchant plugin may not be occuring during regular enchants but only via commands like /enchant or via /give <player> diamondpickaxe;fortune100..................;Expensive_pickaxe(This would be the name of the item)

    A backpack plugin(Think i got that just havent tested it yet)

    A Drop party that drops directly within your inventory after typing /dp(when votes been reached).

    Help is always greatly appreciated :)
    Again im not asking here for custom plugins(unless offered) but im unable to find the 1s that do what i need em to do.
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    essentials allows you to do this with unsafe enchants in the config. I have not tried spigot essentials yet but from the looks of it all they are doing is keeping the old essentials, which isn't going past 1.8, updated. Currently spigot essentials is at 1.8.3 Spigot-Essentials [Jenkins]
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