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    I need to be able to spawn enchanted items. Or use commands to enchant items that im holding. everything too like paper, tools, armor, signs, fish ect. the reason im doing this is because i want to play the new map waking up by Vechs and some of the chests give you enchanted things like signs and im going to play this with my friends so i want to be able to give everyone im playing with the same items when we find them. maybe even just a /duplicate commands that will duplicate what im holding with all the enchantments.

    I'm sorry about my grammar i didn't pay attention in English class and now I'm paying for it.
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    Essentials does both /enchant and /more to get more stacks
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    it will allow me to enchant things that aren't enchantable?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    I'm fairly certain it's impossible to enchant most items.
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    single player commands lets you do it
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    Any item can be "enchanted", after all an enchantment is just an ench tag in the item's NBT. In fact if you want to store additional data in an item beyond its damage value, (ab)using enchantment is currently the only way to do this with the Bukkit (until an item data API is implemented).

    Some items even respect the enchantment effects. I've enchanted a chest with Fire Aspect, and it lights mobs on fire, and a crafting table with Efficiency, and it mines blocks quickly. But only "durable" items show the enchantment in the client inventory, at least in 1.2.5 (not sure about 1.3.1, but I've seen screenshots of enchanted records, so who knows..).
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    And if you remove the hardcoded limit, you can go even higher: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/enchanter/forum/32858-suggestion-enchantment-levels-127/#p1

    Any enchantment level that fits within a short can be used. Tens of thousands, positive or negative. But some extreme values can cause unexpected behavior.
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    EndlessEnchant does this with absolutely no limits. I use it on my server :D
    EDIT: Its not updated to 1.3.1 yet.
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    yeah unfortunately the map we're playing only works with 1.3.1 because of the things it uses. but luckly we aren't playing for 2-3 weeks.
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    Um I don't think vechs maps work for 1.3.1(Or at least super spell bound caves didn't) I tried adding it to my server and the signs weren't enchanted when they should be
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    His new one only works with 1.3.1 and he released it the same day 1.3.1 came out..

    also the signs were enchanted its just in smp the shining affect doesn't show up on things that aren't normally enchantable but the effects still work.
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    Oh ok thanks

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