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    I have a plugins that allows me to turn off the ability to enchant armor higher then prot 2 is there anyway i could disable the prot 3 books from being crafted with a anvil?

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    That depends on the plugin you're using. If it's not a feature with the plugin, it's not possible with that plugin, and you'd have to make or request another one. I suggest getting a plugin that allows you to disable the crafting of any item, being in a crafting table, enchantment table, or anvil.
  3. TheMcScavenger toastieness I just love it when people are wrong. Expect soon.

    TheMcScavenger Doop de doo! BookNerf.jar
    By the way, this probably makes no difference in the world, but I couldn't find a chart detailing the slots of an anvil inventory, so you simply can't click on any slot in the anvil inventory while holding a protection 3 book.

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    What? Nobody has said anything that isn't true yet...

    I hope you mean Protection 2... It's about the crafting of the Protection 3 book, meaning a Protection 2 + Protection 2. You may want to change it, as you can also add two pieces of armour with Protection 2 together...

    Can't you just get the InventoryClickEvent, get the ItemStack in the slot that has been clicked, if it contains Protection 3, cancel the event...? Seems like the easiest way to do it, as that way they simply can't take it out (= they can't "craft" it).
  5. TheMcScavenger No. You can put 2 books in, but you can't take the product out. And the untrue thing you said was that it wasn't possible.

    Just read post more fully, that's exactly what I did.
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    If you shift-click on it, or use an inventory slot number while hovering over it, you're never holding it...
  7. TheMcScavenger You also can't click on any slot in the inventory while it holds a protection 3 book.
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    That's not what you said ;)

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