enableHealth & Other "Bandwidth Saving" Commands

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by jeepmkcomin, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I would like a basic plugin to enable settings hmod used to have such as enableHealth...

    enableHealth helped to cut the bandwidth my server used substantially with hMod...

    Any other commands that could shave bandwidth would be appreciated. I am looking forward to having a server side plugin setup that utilizes multiple threads.
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    How did enableHealth save bandwidth?
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    I remember reading that turning health off saved bandwidth, although I never seen any good metrics on how much.
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    So nobody has any metrics?
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    1 player with health on: http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/8498/1playerhealth.png

    1 player with health off: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5015/1playernohealth.png

    Maybe it's just coincidence... I let the server dip down to its lowest usage while still being active on minecraft before taking the snapshot. Even if it is snake oil I wouldn't mind someone developing a quick plugin to change this just so I feel better. :p

    [edit]: If you haven't seen minecraft as a process before, minecraft shows up as "java.exe"
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    I - respectfully - call shenanigans.

    A valid test is not two different places with entirely different conditions, its the same place the same time the same conditions. Bandwidth could have spiked due to animals around you, etc. The best test would be with mobs and animals turned off - unless you can spawn the same type and quantity for each test - and to test after setting daylight.
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    The picture was taken in the same location... I believe the chunk sizes are 16x16x128 but I could be mistaken. Maybe I should face the same direction? Night vs day.... usage was actually higher during the day for the one with health on... I exclaimed that I took them at the lowest I could get them to dip.

    Maybe it is animals. You may be right. Could be a coincidence that there are more animals spawning around for whatever reason.

    Need some others to offer some insight. I feel its hard to quantify this with just one player anyways. I just tried to get you a quick metric. Anyone willing to test this on a server with a larger population or anyone have another metric?
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    Yeah I saw lava in one pic but not the other, and so I thought they were different locations. The change of time did not help either.

    I have noticed that mobs can be bandwidth intensive; that and large fires.
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    I couldn't help myself. With only one person, no monsters, no animals, same exact direction being faced, and same time:

    Still "seems" to be less with health disabled but I admit that with one person and not seeing an average over time, this is inconclusive in my mind.

    Health on:

    Health off:

    This was mainly for you feverdream. I can't remember where I heard that enablehealth had an effect but I can't base something off 330B/s difference even if it is roughly 40% or so. I feel like these numbers could spike in opposite directions or something. Need more players in a server and an average over time to get a conclusive answer. Thanks for making me think and try things in a more controlled manner :)
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    Well done.

    I look at the images and I can tell based on the pattersn pf the stars and thier location how it was taken. Is that bad?

    It would be interesting to see you do them the same way, but switched. I see you did one of them before the other pretty closely.. does the order affect usage? ;)
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    It pretty much bottoms out in what seems somewhat cyclical. I copied the worlds and had two different batch files start each server so the times were pretty identical. I started one, waited for it to bottom out, took the pic, closed it out, then started the other, repeat. (Both started at the exact same world time. I just waited for each to bottom out--that's where the ambiguity comes in). I honestly think that if there was more people in the server that if there was an effect it would be more noticable as the server would have to update more health and deliver the data to more people. I am not claiming there is an effect. Just saying it wouldn't seem reasonable to see it with one player.

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