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    It's a general wondering but definitely a request for my own server. When Minecraft 1.3 releases, I would like to be able to use Emeralds entirely as the currency for the server, I'm trying to use the natural Minecraft gameplay elements one of which is Emeralds.. I would imagine this will change all the economy plugins, or require that there be new versions made to be able to handle an item as the currency etc

    Is there anything like this in development?

    Closest I've found is the GoldIsMoney plugin, that has planned feature to change the item that is used as a currency, very much hoping they or someone produces one for Emeralds:
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    You should probably wait for 1.3 to be released before asking for 1.3 plugin.
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    Whilst you'd think that would be obvious; Its more of a wondering if anyone is currently developing anything like this, with the pre-release available it would be quite normal for someone to be working on one right now.

    But it does seem that its more likely people will show more of an interest in Emeralds currency/economy when everyone actually upgrades to 1.3 - so I know what you're saying.

    I'll keep hoping and waiting.
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    Hi, meanwhile, there is such a thing: Gringotts :)
    It allow you to create vaults and define an item, such as emeralds, which acts as money. Money stored in vaults counts towards your account balance.

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