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    > THE GAME <

    This game is like MobClash and Snipers, only with a few differences. There are 4 kits, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR. Each kit has special abilities to aid them in battle. Then once you’ve equipped your abilities, you fight to the DEATH!

    > THE LOBBY <
    This lobby is quite different from MC and Snipers. There are tons of signs instead of just kits signs. Each sign represents an ability for a kit.


    FIRST LINE = [Elementals] ----> [Kitname] (Bold)

    SECOND LINE = [Kit] ----> Equip or Buy (you know what to do)

    THIRD LINE = [Ability] ----> [Ability name] (Bold)

    FOURTH LINE = [A/U/S/P] ----> [Attack/Utility/Support/Passive]

    ---OTHER STUFF---

    I’m pretty sure you know what to do with the ability equipping. When you click the sign, you can buy it or equip it with the essentials eco. Then, you bring that ability ingame to use. You can only bring ingame 1 ability of each category.


    These are the types of abilities you have ingame to aid you in battle.

    Attack (Red Dye) - These types of abilities tend to damage your opponent or help you damage them in some way.
    Utility (Yellow Dye) - These types of abilities aid you when dealing with tough situations ingame in some way.
    Support (Green Dye) - These types of abilities help you survive or escape enemies in some way.
    Passive - These types of abilities cannot be activated except by special means, and are global through the game.

    Same as MobClash and Snipers.

    >=======THE ACTUAL KITS =======<



    > FIRE <


    This kit specializes in destroying it’s opponents with devastating attacks and deals extreme damage to enemies with fire-based abilities.


    • Fireball

    Cooldown: 6 Seconds

    Cost: Free
    Extra Config:

    fireballRange: range of fireball before it explodes

    fireballFireDuration: duration of fire inflicted

    fireballCost: cost

    fireballCooldown: cooldown of ability

    fireballKnockback: amount of knockback dealt

    Fire a ghast fireball at enemies, exploding (explosion radius 5) when hitting the ground or an enemy. Deals medium knockback and inflicts fire on enemies for 2.5 seconds. Also damages enemies within the explosion (3-5 damage).

    Flame Ring
    Cooldown: 9 Seconds

    Cost: 1000

    Extra Config:

    flameringRange: range of the ring

    flameringSize: size of the ring

    flameringFireDuration: duration of fire inflicted

    flameringCooldown: cooldown of ability

    flameringCost: cost

    flameringKnockback: amount of knockback dealt

    Launch a ring of a ton of flame particles that move away from you like a shockwave, moving at a speed of 4 blocks per second, for a maximum of 6 blocks. The size of the ring is 1 block. Deals 1-3 damage and inflicts fire for 2.5 seconds. Deals little knockback.


    Magma Dash
    Cooldown: 13 Seconds
    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:

    magmadashSpeed: how many blocks per second you move

    magmadashLength: how many blocks you dash

    magmadashCooldown: cooldown of ability

    magmadashCost: cost

    Dash forwards at great speeds with a fiery trail behind you (particles, not actual fire). You travel at a rate of 8 blocks per second, up to 14 blocks. Right click the ability again to cancel the dash midway.


    Blaze Bonds
    Cooldown: 20 seconds

    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:

    blazebondsHeal: how much health you get healed per blaze attack on enemy

    blazebondsDuration: how long the blaze lasts before despawning

    blazebondsKnockback: amount of knockback blazes give to enemies

    blazebondsCooldown: cooldown of ability

    blazebondsSpeed: how fast the blaze travels towards enemies

    blazebondsCost: cost

    Summon a blaze 5 blocks away from you, and it travels slowly towards enemies and will try to melee them instead of using ranged attacks. On hit (blaze attacking enemy) (the hits deal no damage but some knockback), you gain 1-2 health. The blaze despawns after 5 seconds.


    Scorching Armor
    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:
    scorchingarmorChance: chance of getting ignited

    scorchingarmorDuration: duration of fire inflicted

    scorchingarmorCost: cost

    Enemies that hit you have a 10% to become ignited for 6 seconds.

    Obsidian Padding
    Cost: 1000

    Extra Config:

    obsidianpaddingCost: cost

    You are immune to fire.

    > Water <


    This kit specializes in freezing and slowing it’s enemies into submission and making itself a force to be reckoned with.


    Cooldown: 7.5 Seconds

    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:

    tsunamiCost: cost

    tsunamiCooldown: cooldown of ability

    tsunamiKnockback: knockback dealt to enemies

    tsunamiRange: range of tsunami

    tsunamiSize: size of tsunami

    tsunamiSpeed: how many blocks per second the tsunami travels

    Shoot a wave of water in front of you, traveling at a rate of 5 blocks per second, for a maximum of 8 blocks. Wave deals 12 damage, but loses 1 damage per block traveled.

    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    Cost: 1000

    Extra Config:

    geyserCost: cost

    geyserCooldown: cooldown of ability

    geyserRange: range of geyser

    geyserHeight: height of geyser

    geyserDuration: duration of geyser before it despawns

    Place a 10 block tall geyser on the nearest player within 6 blocks, dealing 1-5 damage. The enemy will be traveled to the top of the geyser. Geyser lasts 3.5 seconds. Shift while activating to shoot yourSELF upwards with the geyser instead.


    Water Octopus
    Cooldown: 13 Seconds

    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:

    wateroctupusCost: cost

    wateroctupusCooldown: cooldown of ability

    wateroctupusKnockback: knockback dealt to enemies

    wateroctupusRange: range of water spew things

    wateroctupusDuration: duration of ability

    In 8 directions, spew out tons of water particles (max 7 blocks) that knockback (a lot of knockback) any enemies that touch it. Ability lasts 5 seconds.


    • Aqua Shield

    Cooldown: 18 seconds

    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:

    aquashieldProtection: percentage of incoming damage to reduce

    aquasheildCooldown: cooldown of ability

    aquashieldSize: size of shield

    aquashieldCost: cost

    aquasheildDuration: duration of shield

    Surround yourself in a shield of water particles (different ones then octopus ability), reducing incoming damage by 40%. Shield lasts for 6 seconds.


    Water Shoes
    Cost: Free

    Extra Config:

    watershoesCost: cost

    watershoesSlowness: level of slowness to give when walking on water

    Walk on water but with slowness 1.

    Aquatic Armor
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds

    Cost: 1000

    Extra Config:

    aquaticarmorCost: cost

    aquaticarmorCooldown: cooldown of ability

    Shift + Right Click + Jump to remove all fire status effects from you.
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    @Ck1000MC This be huge. Don't get ur hopes up.
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    Ill make it.
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