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    Name of plugin: ElementalDuel (can be changed if plugin dev chooses)

    Function: In configured worlds, standard PvP should be disabled outside of "dueling mode". To initiate dueling mode, a player should try to hit the player by left-clicking them. A confirmation message will show, asking the player to hit them again to confirm a duel.

    If they hit again, a duel request will be sent to the clicked player. Upon typing "/duel accept", a 10 second counter will start in the chat, telling the player to enter “/duel stop” if they change their mind or accidentally started it.

    Alternatively, the player can use “/duel <player>” if they’re within a configurable number of blocks, which will instantly send a duel request.

    During the duel countdown, another duel may not be initiated, and any other pending requests are terminated.

    A duel will automatically end if one participant dies, if they move further than a configurable radius from each other, or if a configurable time passes.

    • /duel <player> (sends duel request, requires elementalduel.initcmd)
    • /duel accept (accepts duel request, requires elementalduel.accept)
    • /duel deny (denies duel request, requires elementalduel.deny)
    • /duel stop (stops duel countdown [not usable when duel actually starts], requires elementalduel.stop)

    • elementalduel.inithit (ability to initate duel request by hitting players)
    • elementalduel.initcmd (ability to initate duel request by typing a command)
    • elementalduel.accept (ability to accept duels)
    • elementalduel.deny (ability to deny duels)
    • elementalduel.stop (ability to stop duel countdown)

    Configuration abilities:
    • Customise message variables.
    • Select enabled worlds. (worlds not listed will be unaffected by this plugin)
    • Set max distance to initiate duel via command.
    • Set distance to end duel.
    • Set timer to end duel.

    Will be very grateful to anyone willing to complete this. Feel free to modify elements of this plugin to make it more suitable for public distribution.
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    A duel plugin already exists called Duel and let's you challenge players by right clicking them with a sword or an axe. You should test it out and see if it's to your specifications. If not, the next step is to request features from the developers.

    I hope this helps you out.

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    That plugin conflicts with Citizens, in that you can initiate a Duel with an NPC, which automatically starts one with the player who it's named after (NPCs on our server use dedicated accounts for skins). Altering that would most likely require hooking into Citizens and it would make more sense to have a plugin built specifically with compatibility in mind rather than having someone recode their existing work.

    The plugin suggestion has multiple different features anyway, and while both share the goal of controlled PvP, the methods are different.
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    Spaceyavin You bumped 5 times, and thats fine. But if that was me, I would probally stop because its annoying, and if no one responded yet, then no one probally will.

    Anyones, with a quick google search I found 3-4 Duel plugins.
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    As I noted before, none meet my criteria. I don't see how it's annoying though. I didn't just repost the topic 10 times, I made repeated bumps every 24+ hours, as to follow the rules.
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