Elemental Magic

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Elemental Magic spells

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    The Idea
    A spell plugin where all the spells would require completing some kind of "task" and having the proper reagents to cast. Wand would be a redstone torch.

    All info listed here is subject to change according to suggestions and my coding ability ;) feel free to suggest spells.

    Lighting bolt: High level magic spell that kills in one blow. May require 32 glowstone dust or some number of gold.
    Maybe for this spell you would have to have been struck by lightning. Twice....

    Blizzard: Surrounds players within a 10 blocks radius in snow. Requires 8 snow blocks for each player surrounded.

    Sandstorm: Drops sand in a 1 x _ x 2 fashion where _ = the number of sand block in in hand in a defined area.
    Maybe for this spell you would have to have dug up 1,000 sand blocks

    Overgrowth: Makes a 3x3x3 square of leaves in a defined area. Requires 9 saplings
    Maybe for this spell you would have to plant 300 saplings.

    Freeze: Freeze a 3x3 square of water in a defined area. Requires 9 snowballs
    Maybe for this spell you would have to have made 50 snow blocks

    Melt: Melt a 3x3 square of ice in a defined area. Requires 9 torches
    Maybe for this spell you would have to make 250 torches

    Chicken Hatcher: Spawn an chicken from throwing an egg guaranteed. Requires 1 egg
    Maybe for this spell you would have to have picked up 25 chicken eggs
    to be cont.

    I plan on starting on this in the next week or so and I will post updates about what been done as I go
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    As i have been telling people to do with these spell based plugins, you may want to have each spell a separate plugin in its own right and have a way to register them with the main plugin to handle them and the data for the players to make it easier to make new spells and allow server owners to make t very easy to enable and disable spells (by doing it through plugins, don't want a spell don't install it)
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    That sounds like a great idea especially with my short attention span lol. I'm Reading up on the whole bukkit api and getting an understanding on it and I have some basic Java coding knowledge so we will see what I can do. And if you would care to explain or help with that method of doing it I would love it.
    Ps. sorry if my grammar sucks.
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    Essentially you would create a JavaPlugin say Spells that has a way for other plugins to register with it that it is a spell that players can obtain. Then a specific spell say FireBall when it starts registers itself with the Spell plugin and then watches for when a player has met the requirements to be able to cast it then tells the Spell plugin that the player can then cast it. When a player goes to cast a spell they are doing so through the Spell plugin and it determines if a player can cast the spell or not.

    But this is how i would do it, it is your plugin
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    Hmm well I'm gonna start on it now and make a spell probably lightning bolt first as it seems the easiest at the time. But after that I will integrate it into a "Spell" plugin that kinda does it the way you described it unless I find an easier way somehow lol
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