Library EffectLib - Manage your effects the nice way. (Text/Image in Particles)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Slikey, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Hey guy, keep calm :p
    Did you install the plugin that does the commands too, or only the EffectLib?
    Send me the list of plugins you have installed in your server please.
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    Please don't spam.
    And you posted it 2 times..
    The world wouldn't end ..
    What do you mean.... the Commands have dreams?
    Coders have dreams to make a awesome plugin which makes the player feel alright.
    Heres a better example in one post! =D
    "Hey LCastr0 , You know the EffectLib? It's plugin commands don't work! I don't know if I have the correct jar or otherwise, any help? :)"
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    haha :p
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    LCastr0 Slikey
    I have an idea for an effect:
    Block Effect

    • It would display any minecraft block, the best it can, with effects.
    • It would be the size of a normal block, and it would be possible to stand on and such.
    • It would move in any axis and/or slide back and fourth between two platforms

    I like the idea of "standing" on effects, and this effect would make it have a good use.
    If no one has time to make this, could I please get an idea on how to do this myself?
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    The idea is not bad, tho there are not too many particles to colorize the effect like a real block. What could be done is create a cube around a block and the player stands in the block. Also, I don't think someone would do a particle that you can stand on.
    #Edit - could to would
    Thanks for the message :)
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    Slikey LCastr0 Okay, this may seem a little weird, but I think it would look really awesome. An effect simulating this. Basically just a bunch of particles swirling around.
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    Love you Slikey ! Thanks you for this plugin :D [​IMG]
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    This is very Intriguing. I am going to defiantly use this library
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    I hate maths but it's so useful :(
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    You shouldn't hate a so pretty thing :3
    (Though I don't know a lot about it, but it's still very cool)
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    New Effect: WaveLocationEffect (Or just Wave)​
    • You can make it a moving wave or a stationary wave
    • Custom number of particles in front and behind the wave (Vertical particles)
    • Custom number of (Vertical) rows
    • Custom lenght (Distance from the first to the last point of the wave)
    • Custom height of the both parts of the wave
    • Custom width of the wave
    Screenshots (open)


    Source: Click Here

    It was released! Click Here to download the pack with the EffectLib.jar and EffectLibTest.jar!
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  13. Hello LCastr i have made a wand but i whant Your dnaLocationEffect in my wand but i dont know how so can you my help?
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    The WaveLocationEffect was released! I updated the post with the link!
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    Just a small feature suggestion: what about an effect manager that takes an obj file or similar widely used file format as input? Then effects could be designed and shared using standard tools without needing to be defined in code.
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    Indeed! It's actually already in the latest releases. See the various forms of EffectManager.start that take a ConfigurationSection:

    Right now this is a bit messy, but the basic idea is you give it a ConfigurationSection with a "class" parameter (that specifies the class to use, e.g. "ConeLocationEffect". You can then add any other parameters to that section, and they will be mapped to the public properties of the Effect.

    Let me know if you have any questions! I'm using EffectLib in an entirely configuration-driven manner, so I want to make sure it supports that as best I can.
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    Please, provide the method that you're using to call the wave

    Q. How to create (x) Effect?!​
    A. Implement this in your code:​
    1. //Can be any effect, I'll use WaveLocationEffect as an example
    2. EffectManager manager = new EffectManager(EffectLib.instance());
    3. WaveLocationEffect wave = new WaveLocationEffect(manager, player.getLocation());
    4. wave.rows = 25; //Changes the number of rows in the wave (Other Effects have other types of customizable objects, of course)
    5. wave.start(); //Starts the wave effect in the specified location (Run this method AFTER setting anything in the effect)

    Q. How to create an Effect?
    A. See this tutorial by Slikey

    Q. How to change the orientation of the effect?
    A. For the Location effects, the orientation is based on Pitch and Yaw, so just change the Pitch and the Yaw of your location

    Q. How to damage players/entities that are close to the effect?
    A. You have to calculate the position of the particle, and the distance of the entity to the particle's location, then do the damage

    A. Please, provide your code (the method where you start the effect), and the error log (Console Log), containing all the information needed.

    Q. Where can I download a test version of the plugin?!
    A. You can download a .zip file containing the EffectLib and the EffectLibTest (with commands) here

    Coming Soon: Code and video with more "advanced" effect usage

    If you have any other questions, PM me and I'll gladly answer :)

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    I'm here to show you the new effect "HeartLocationEffect". I created it a few days ago and now decided to share it with you. Like the name already says, it is basically a effect that will create a 2d heart. There are of course a few paramters you can play with, like the x and y factor. The most parameters are self-explanatory, so I don't want to cover those. So, here is the link:

    And also a pic of this effect(Of course you can change the particle type).

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    1. You are really good, noble prize needed.
    2. Can you make a wave like the ones you do surfing on? Hmm I think you know where does my idea come from!
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    Adding this soon to the EffectLib.. Still work in progress! (Randomly generated earths)

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    IDK if anybody would be interested...? Regular polygons with a custom number of vertices, particles on each side, and whether or not you want lines coming to the center.
    Pentagon (open)


    Decagon (open)


    CC: Slikey
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    Oh that is amazing!
    Good job!
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    chasechocolate Hey, looks really good! Do you want to release the Source? You can either do a Pull Request, or I add the Effect to the Lib for you.
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    Hmmm. thinking of ideas..
    about time for a PlayerLocationEffect?
    Slikey LCastr0
    :) (Sounds hard.. eh lol)
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    What would it be?
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    PlayerLocationEffect replicates
    , But in particles :p
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