Library EffectLib - Manage your effects the nice way. (Text/Image in Particles)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Slikey, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Wonder what the visibility setting is for then?
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    In Minecraft 1.8 there is a flag in the Packet to force a particle to be rendered.
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    You should be on i53 24/7 go back there naw!
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    This means all particles can be rendered from long distance like the fireworkspark effect?
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    How do we change that flag?
    can that aldo mean flag for colors?
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    Damn that's nice :D
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    Okay, I hate to be that guy but this is the only thing stopping me from getting my server fully running 1.8...
    Since spigot came out today any ETA on when you guys will update this to work with CB 1.8 / Spigot?
    Thanks again for the great library i'd not want to use anything else!
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    I will update it, but that'll need some time since I am very busy on Hypixel. Also this library is meant for CraftBukkit. I haven't checked out Spigot 1.8 yet, so I don't promise to have a version here.
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    hey @Slikey i need help,,,, i want to make a shockwave with ur EffectLIB,, i want the shock particles follow the shockwave not in the same location,,, here's my code

    @SuppressWarnings({ "deprecation", "deprecation" })
    public void run() {
    Location above = location.clone().add(0, 1, 0);
    if (above.getBlock().getType().isSolid() || !location.getBlock().getType().isSolid()) {

    Location temp = location.clone();
    for (int x = -2; x <= 2; x++) {
    for (int z = -2; z <= 2; z++) {
    temp.setX(x + location.getBlockX());
    temp.setZ(z + location.getBlockZ());
    ParticleEffect.FLAME.display(temp, 1);

    Entity[] near = getNearbyEntities(location, 1.5);
    boolean hit = false;
    Random random = new Random();
    for (Entity e : near) {
    if (e != player) {
    hit = true;
    if (hit) {
    near = getNearbyEntities(location, 2.5);
    for (Entity e : near) {
    if (e != player)
    if (count >= distance) {
    task.runTaskTimer(Plugin.plugin, 0, 3);
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    @samuel81 What do you mean by follow the shockwave not in the same location?
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    @Slikey Thanks that you provided the source code I updatet it myself on spigot 1.8

    But it was very strange to import the source code
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    Just a simple question, back then when I used a lot of particle stuff to create spell effects, I had a big issue, it was that players would not see the effects if too far away, no way to fix this?
    It's directly removed client-side depending of the distance between the player and the effect right?
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    There is now a way to send particles that ignore render distance, I don't know if this lib supports it yet though.
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    Any link? I'd be interested to know how to ignore render distance
    Does that mean the client should display the particle (with the adapted scale) whatever the distance might be instead of simply ignoring the information because it's beyond the render distance?
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    Is it possible to do the Text effect 'sideways', so rather than it appearing correctly when you're looking straight at it (like it is now), it would show correctly when looking up at it? That is, have it appear over your head like sky writing?
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    How can i make random particle rain?
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    According to This Post the 'Ignored Render Distance' is not what it appears - It will ignore client settings on show particles (All/Decreased/Off), but the range of 16 still exists, and isn't changed. This was just a quick search on the topic, and may not be 100% accurate - but it's the first (and only real answer) I found regarding this.
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    By ignoring the render settings it renders at full distance. It will ignore the 16 block limit. It basically does exactly what explosion particles do by default, which is ignore settings/checks and skip straight to rendering.
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    possible to make effect with BlockCrack?
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    Yes, it's possible, though you would need to create your own effect and play the block crack instead of the ParticleEffect when doing the 'run' method
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    @Slikey @LCastr0 , my particles dissapear after a while, even when increasing the values by alot, I wonder what the problem is? (This is a copy of your Helix effect, but I want to edit later on). It goes on, as it detects if it hits anything after the correct amount of time, but the particles just stop spawning!

    EDIT: Small edit, as long as I follow the beam, it shows up, but if I get out of range, then back in, it is not there.

          effect.particle = ParticleEffect.VILLAGER_HAPPY;
           effect.setLocation( evt.getPlayer().getEyeLocation() );
           effect.radius = 0.25f;
           effect.iterations = 5000;
           effect.period = 1;
           effect.grow = 0.4F;
           effect.visibleRange = 256.0f;
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    Is there a possibility of getting a maven repo? I did not see anything in the main post.

    EDIT: found it in the pom.
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    @LCastr0 @Slikey
    Hey i have a problem:
    I want that players can "deactivate" the particles, is this possible?
    I want that they can perform a command like /turnoff or something, after that they will be put in a HashMap and yeah you know what i mean.

    One person already asked this here (I have red all 16 pages o,o) and you said "yes its possible, look at this code, Line 466"
    But the linked site was updated i think, in line 466 is nothing about players or something what i need, can you tell me how to do it?
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    Hey, none of your effects are working. The code is all there, but no effects show up in game! My code:

    When I join or move no effects show up!

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    Yes I dont know what it was, but it fixed itself...
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    Yeah well you would have to create a new version of each effect if i'm not wrong. I'm not sure but I don't think there is a 'player' list that can be edited... I'll check though.
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