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    Hi, i run a hub server, and i made it so whenever players get on a pressure plate, (they spawn on the pressure plate), they get a potion effect, via command block using /effect. The problem is, whenever someone enters the pressure plates, it sends all ops a notification saying "[@: Given <effect> (ID: effectid#) * 3 to <player who entered pressure plate> for <x amount of seconds>]. This is really annoying me. The only way to disable this, is by deopping myself, but I find that highly annoying, going all the way to multicraft, and typing "op isaycr4palot" every time i need to be opped. I need a plugin to disable this notification. Also, you might be seeing this in Bukkit Help also, because when i get deopped, i dont receive the notification anymore, so i can negate a permission that i have, to disable the notification. Thanks in advanced.
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    iSayCr4pAlot As far as I am concerned the server just checks if the player is OP, workaround: permissions plugin
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    iSayCr4pAlot The pressure plate system is not a good system because only one person can trigger it at a time. I can make you a quick plugin that just gives the player an effect when the player logs in, if you want.
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    ejzz I use @a[radius=20], thus, it makes it ok.
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    iSayCr4pAlot Yeah, but if someone AFKs at spawn and keeps standing on the pressure plate, no one will be able to get the effect.
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    ejzz Afk Auto kick, every 10 minutes at hub, potion effect is 15 minutes.
    Nervermind, players dont even need to be afk for this to happen. Well, i might just use a repeater and attach a comparator to turn on/off the effect system.
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    Let's fix his point. No plugin needed, just type in: /gamerule CommandBlockOutput false
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    ejzz Ok, now, whenever someone steps on the pressure plate, it activates a redstone clock, with use of a redstone comparator. Thus, every 3 seconds while someone is on the pressure plate, it gives the buff to everyone 25 blocks away from the pressure plate.

    Mohammadtr that gamerule doesnt exist.
    Nevermind. Thanks.

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