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    Version: 0.4e - Works with recommended build #1337 - Download

    Dev builds: Jenkins

    This pluging implements a simple super pickaxe that destroys everything with a single hit. It has fever features like WordEdit's super pickaxe, but is loggable with LogBLock and BigBrother. The default command to enable/diable the superpickaxe is "/spa" (Super PickAxe) but there is an option to override the WorldEdit commands "//" and "/,".
    Works with WorldEdit, LogBlock and BigBrother.

    • Simple super pickaxe
    • Loggable by LogBlock (BigBrother supported partially)
    • Optionally overrides WorldEdit commands ("//", "/,")
    • Disable tool wear
    • Disable drops (not loggable by BB)
    Download, Command, Configuration and Details:

    • Superpickaxe v0.4e (Nov. 15, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1337)
      • Fix: Removed a debug message
    • Superpickaxe v0.4d (Oct. 15, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1317)
      • Fix: Config works again
    • Superpickaxe v0.4c (Oct. 12, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1317)
      • Updated for CB #1317
    • Superpickaxe v0.4b (Jul. 31, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1000)
      • Also listen for world changes in teleport events (thanks to Flobi)
    • Superpickaxe v0.4 (Jul. 29, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1000)
      • Added bukkit permissions
      • Added config disableToolWear
      • Added config disableDrops
      • Added config dontBreak to set immune blocks
      • Added config tools to set which tools are super pickaxes
    • Superpickaxe v0.3 (Jul. 14, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #953) and Permissions
      • Added support for per world permissions
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    Ahh. It's not your plugin. Permissions is giving me so much trouble. Nomatter my group or permissions - I can't build, destroy OR place. So damn frustrating.
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    One major flaw/problem with this plugin. It needs to be multiworld aware.

    Meaning, if you have creative and strict survival, someone can enable super pickaxe (someone who would normally have those permissions), then goto the other world, and it will stay enabled (even if they dont have permissions).

    should be an easy fix, as the guy for Magic Carpet was able to do this. Just a quick check upon world change to see if you have proper permissions for that item. If not, disable. Look forward to speedy update :)
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    Released v0.3 :D
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    You are the man! :D
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    My default world is creative and i have a hardcore world.

    even though every single user has SPA disabled in hardcore, they can just enable it in creative and walk into hardcore, keeping SPA enabled :[

    Green text, multiverse, permissions 3 working wonderfully, etc etc etc...

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Seems the exploit only works with wooden and stone picks

    16:00:38 [INFO] Plugins: CraftIRC, DropChest, SlowHealth, MultiInv, TelePlusPlus, SpyerFun, HeroChat, LogBlockQuestioner, CommandBook, cjb_mod_manager, Help, SpyerAdminCommands, BukkitContrib, WorldBorder, GlassPlugin, FenceStack, MultiVerse, AutoPlant, SpyerAdmin, properTime, MinecartManiaCore, MinecartManiaSignCommands, HomeSpawnPlus, MinecartManiaStation, WorldGuard, CraftBukkitUpToDate, MyWarp, Growbie, MinecartManiaAutocart, MagicCarpet, WorldEdit, HeroicDeath, Permissions, MinecartManiaChestControl, MinecartManiaAutomations, Superpickaxe, MinecartManiaAdminControls, LWC, LogBlock
    >version Superpickaxe
    16:01:28 [INFO] Superpickaxe version 0.3
    16:01:28 [INFO] Adds a simple super pickaxe.
    16:01:28 [INFO] Website:
    16:01:28 [INFO] Author: DiddiZ
    16:01:46 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-920-g82c1a3d-b974jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    16:01:46 [INFO] This server is also sporting some funky dev build of Bukkit!
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    The reason is MultiVerse not firing the PlayerPortal event.
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    is there still no feature to turn off the Drops but still log the Block Beaks?
    this is the only way this plugin is usefull to me :(
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    The console says You aren't Allowed to do this. Why?
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    No, I'm afraid.
    Um, you don't have sufficient permissions?
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    There was a thought in another thread about the potential for a customizable list of superpickaxe tools (perhaps some server may want it to be all gold tools instead of all pickaxes) and a customizable list of immune blocks like buttons and levers. Just passing it along in case it is something you might like to add to make it more customizable.

    EDIT: Edited to remove redundant stuff because I hadn't read the previous posts... *flogs self*
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    Fist was planned, second is a good request
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    Okay. So even doing the most basic Permissions setup

                - '*'
    I cannot use Superpickaxe. I am using Permissions 3.1.6 on CB1000.

    I enter /spa and it informs me: "Super pickaxe is now enabled" but I cannot instabreak any blocks. What gives?
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    Try it without any other plugin exept permissions.
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    It's the only other plugin I have besides RapidBuilder. I'm trying to set up a local server for me and my roommate one plugin at a time. I started with yours because of how extremely useful it is.
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    i nice plugin to get bedrock is adminium

    i get this.
    19:40:37 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\Superpickaxe.jar' in folder 'plugins': Permissions
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: Permissions
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    is permissions a requirment?

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    Released v0.4

    Yes, but only for v0.3 :D
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    Oh, I like the feature add list on 0.4. Kudos. Can't wait to give it a try tomorrow.
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    The Zephyr Kid

    Maybe its just me but everyone on my server can still break the blocks that i said cant be brocken. like bedrock and obsidian :/. any idea?

    Edit: Sorry i missed the extra permissions :3
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    Thanks for the update, just got around to throwing 0.4 on, working brilliantly :)
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    For some reason on Bukkit 1000 Super Pickaxe does not stay enabled if a player enables it, leaves the server & rejoins. How do I make it so it remembers if it is switched on?
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    It gets only disabled when the server is reloaded or you switch to a world where you don't have super pickaxe permissions.
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    Provided the plugin that facilitates the switch fires a PlayerPortal event. It doesn't check when the plugin uses the player.teleport...which MultiVerse (and all the other portal/teleport mods I have) uses for it's portals hence firing a PlayerTeleport event. I was hoping this was a bug that had been fixed in the 0.4...but I now notice it's not on the list of known bugs. This essentially means that for most people, it never gets disabled when switching worlds.

    I imagine this wouldn't actually take much to fix. I would think that it should really only take copying the onPlayerPortal function in the listener extension to so:
        public void onPlayerTeleport(PlayerTeleportEvent event) {
            if (!event.isCancelled()) {
                final Player player = event.getPlayer();
                if (sp.hasEnabled(player) && !sp.hasPermission(player, "superpickaxe.use", event.getTo().getWorld()))
    ...I think I'm going to install eclipse and see if I can try this...sounds like something fun to attempt.
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    Hm, you're right. Will test that today or tomorrow (whenever i get the time :D)
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    Okay, I tried what I posted and clearly I was was not that simple. (You, however, being an actual plugin developer would have likely already known this.) One also needs to add this line to the Superpickaxe file:
    pm.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_TELEPORT, playerListener, Priority.Monitor, this);
    For those who don't feel like waiting, I attached my TEST file (and by attached, I mean there's a link directly following the colon here): (Edit: link removed because 0.4b contains the changes). Literally the only changes in the file are described above...exactly as quoted. I'd push the change request to github but my copy of eclipse seems to be not accepting the addon by the directions I've been using.

    EDIT: Not exactly as quoted. To be precise, there is an "@Override" before the first code quote. And there's some differences in the whitespace. Oh technicality me. Oh, and apparently I typed "(der)" after "Superpickaxe enabled" ... so you get a reminder everytime it's turned on it's a TEST!!! :) I think that's not important enough to reexport though. Good that it gives a way to distinguish.

    On my own server, I refer to the version as "0.4(der)" and I recommend you...whoever "you" the same.
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    Oh yes, one of my mods noted that yesterday as well, people can return to my survival world while keeping the superpick.

    version 0.5 soon I guess?
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    Released v0.4b
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    just so you know .... bigbother do NOT log anything this pulgin destroy
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    huh? it really should ... superpickaxe fires normal block break events.

    or did you disable drops?
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    i did disable drops :(

    if i turn that back on .. will it be logged again ?!
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    Yes, disabling drops only works with LB

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