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    Version: 0.4e - Works with recommended build #1337 - Download

    Dev builds: Jenkins

    This pluging implements a simple super pickaxe that destroys everything with a single hit. It has fever features like WordEdit's super pickaxe, but is loggable with LogBLock and BigBrother. The default command to enable/diable the superpickaxe is "/spa" (Super PickAxe) but there is an option to override the WorldEdit commands "//" and "/,".
    Works with WorldEdit, LogBlock and BigBrother.

    • Simple super pickaxe
    • Loggable by LogBlock (BigBrother supported partially)
    • Optionally overrides WorldEdit commands ("//", "/,")
    • Disable tool wear
    • Disable drops (not loggable by BB)
    Download, Command, Configuration and Details:

    • Superpickaxe v0.4e (Nov. 15, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1337)
      • Fix: Removed a debug message
    • Superpickaxe v0.4d (Oct. 15, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1317)
      • Fix: Config works again
    • Superpickaxe v0.4c (Oct. 12, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1317)
      • Updated for CB #1317
    • Superpickaxe v0.4b (Jul. 31, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1000)
      • Also listen for world changes in teleport events (thanks to Flobi)
    • Superpickaxe v0.4 (Jul. 29, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1000)
      • Added bukkit permissions
      • Added config disableToolWear
      • Added config disableDrops
      • Added config dontBreak to set immune blocks
      • Added config tools to set which tools are super pickaxes
    • Superpickaxe v0.3 (Jul. 14, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #953) and Permissions
      • Added support for per world permissions
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    /spa does not work with wood or iron picks, only stone and diamond.
    (ps, really like them wearing out, it makes me less lazy)
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    Hm, maybe are other plugins cancelling the events, idk.
    Wearing out will be optional :D
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    hey dude. di you think you could make it so that it doesnt only have to be a diamond pickaxe? thnks.
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    it works with all pickaxes (or at least for me)
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    Not for me
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    Don't know why. Are other plugins using pickaxes aswell?
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    It would be nice to have a config option for what pikeaxe can be used ( for /spa ) :)
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    actually it works if i set true to false in the config

    actually nm it still doesnt work

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    Are you ok with me releasing a fork of this using iconomy v4?
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    Lunar Delta

    Would it be too much trouble to add a block blacklist to this? I have some people on my server who farm and sell obsidian for money who are worried about being undercut by Sponsors who bought the super pickaxe farming obsidian at an extreme rate. It'd be nice if I could set it so that it would not break obsidian (or any other block of my chosing) instantly.
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    Nice :D
    I was worried about some of my admins going crazy one day lol jk
    Now i can rollback :D
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    Actually it does, i tested it
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    I opened a request for that. Maybe they implemented it :D
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    Curiosity :p 818 compatible?
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    /spa works fine, but I can't get this plugin to override WorldEdit's // command. Is that supposed to be working? It didn't work before the 1.6 update either, with WorldEdit 4.4.
    I have overrideWorldEditCommands: true
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    It's supposed to, but does't for some ...
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    I am able to destroy Bedrock using this... There must be something wrong! (Build 818)
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    No, it's just a new feature :D
    Seemingly Bukkit now fires the block demage hook when clicking on bedrock.
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    Could you fix this please? I wanted to use this on my creative server but if the users are able to destroy bedrock bad things will happen :D
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    Hm, sure :D

    Released v0.2 :D

    Eventually fixed problems with overriding WE commands.
    Added "superpickaxe.breakBedrock" permission.

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    works great now. thanks :)
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    works great, but have a problem with overriding: can override "//" but i have all commands in WorldEdit with single "/"... so when i type "/" i get superpickaxe from worldedit and when i type "//" i get yours one. can you fix this?
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    Umm, think so.
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    Thanks a lot for the update!

    edit ooh, found a bug. Seems if you enable super pickaxe everything you have in your inventory breaks blocks with one swing! I just did it by accident with a piece of string.
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    Yes , i have the same problem.
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    without world edit // lets you break bed rock even without the superpickaxe.breakBedrock permissions. Please fix!
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    Config file is empty
    Iron Pickaxe doesn't work with /spa.

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