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    Version: 0.4e - Works with recommended build #1337 - Download

    Dev builds: Jenkins

    This pluging implements a simple super pickaxe that destroys everything with a single hit. It has fever features like WordEdit's super pickaxe, but is loggable with LogBLock and BigBrother. The default command to enable/diable the superpickaxe is "/spa" (Super PickAxe) but there is an option to override the WorldEdit commands "//" and "/,".
    Works with WorldEdit, LogBlock and BigBrother.

    • Simple super pickaxe
    • Loggable by LogBlock (BigBrother supported partially)
    • Optionally overrides WorldEdit commands ("//", "/,")
    • Disable tool wear
    • Disable drops (not loggable by BB)
    Download, Command, Configuration and Details:

    • Superpickaxe v0.4e (Nov. 15, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1337)
      • Fix: Removed a debug message
    • Superpickaxe v0.4d (Oct. 15, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1317)
      • Fix: Config works again
    • Superpickaxe v0.4c (Oct. 12, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1317)
      • Updated for CB #1317
    • Superpickaxe v0.4b (Jul. 31, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1000)
      • Also listen for world changes in teleport events (thanks to Flobi)
    • Superpickaxe v0.4 (Jul. 29, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #1000)
      • Added bukkit permissions
      • Added config disableToolWear
      • Added config disableDrops
      • Added config dontBreak to set immune blocks
      • Added config tools to set which tools are super pickaxes
    • Superpickaxe v0.3 (Jul. 14, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with #953) and Permissions
      • Added support for per world permissions
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    Does this mine bedrock as well?

    (btw: include the version number in title ;))
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    No, since bedrock isn't damageable.
    Forgot the version number :D
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    That's nice! Should be implemented in WorldEdit anyway, though it overrides // anyway. :)
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    Very nice! Now I just need /ascend, /descend /jumpto and /top plugs and I can dump WorldEdit all together. I never use it for anything but those 5 (including SPA) commands, and the thing is a bloody behemoth in my Plugins folder.

    What's up with the changelog date?


    • Superpickaxe v0.1 (Dec. 20, 2010)
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    Whoops, missed that. Stupid copy&paste error :D.
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    Any chance that it could disable itself (if it's currently active for a player) when the player warps to a world where they do not have permissions to use it? Otherwise, awesome!
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    Ah, k, multiwold support will come.
    Will come, at least to show how to hook into LogBlock.
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    Cody Howard

    I found an interesting bug. plugin Occasionally mines bedrock.
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    OH NOES, you were ONE day too late...
    One of my long time moderators decided to quit the server, and have a little party, its the only WE thing I give mods, the superpickaxe, to save them time because they also have other moderator duties.

    He griefed half the map, holes everywhere, and I couldn't rollback :'(.

    Luckely I was able to mobilize 6 other players, gave them some free blocks, and fixed most things within 20 minutes. And I'm planning a new map for 1.5 anyway because this one is still from the 1.2 era... the weather and biomes will defenitely screw up.

    Thanks for this plugin!
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    Huh? I thought bukkit never fires the block damaged hook for bedrock. Sounds like a bukkit bug.
    I'm sorry :D
    That's exactly the reason for not implementing a list of ignored player to LogBlock.
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    How exactly do I make it so it overrides world edit? Theres no config file or anything.
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    The config is inside the download.
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    Whooops, missed that, my mistake haha thanks.
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    Cody Howard

    When you mine something right before bedrock and proceed to mine bedrock it disappears. I can provide fraps proof if needed.
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    Could you disable the drops if the player has enabled the superpickaxe?
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    Hm, I'll open a ticket at leaky (or look whether there's alredy one).
    Not really, no. I don't actually break the blocks, I only set the instabreak flag, so bukkit breakes them and I've no control over drop behavior.
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    Oh, I see.
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    Cody Howard


    I really love the plugin otherwise!

    The bedrock issue isn't really a problem. I only brought it up because I dug right through the map. Just thought I'd let you know :D
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    you could just set the block id to 0 in the onBlockDamageEvent wouldn't that stop the blocks from droping
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    Well, not until I've the LB api released. Otherwise this plugin wouldn't make much sense :D
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    Does this plugin check the permission per swing or only when enabling/disabling the pickaxe. I would LOVE a plugin that could check per swing so I can use it with the buy ability command
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    Hm, could do that, also for multiworld support.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I can't modify my host's FTP. Can you generate the configuration file?
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    Well, how would you then edit the config?
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    is there any way you can add Towny support?
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    Ummm, how would towny support look like?
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    Well, I understand nothing from that thread. What is good for? And how does that affect me?

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