Inactive [EDIT/RPG] Catacombs v2.6 - Random Dungeons (Adventure-like) [1.3.1-R1.0]

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  1. Meowzila, can you check the syntax in your Catacombs/config.yml file the top part should look something like this.
    Post your config.yml if you need me to look over the syntax (blank out the password and Address). Did you put quotes around any of the names?
        Enabled: true
                Name: minecraft_user
                Password: password
            Name: Minecraft
            Prefix: cat_
            Port: 3306
            Address: localhost
    N.B it's 'Enabled' in version 0.4 (not 'Enables' that was a bug in v0.3).
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    mayby i dont haha lots of my plugins are giving that error so ill check, thanks

    awsome now console is perfect thanks
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    Brilliant plugin, one of my favorites, but it would be nice to see it become a lot less dependent on MySQL.
  4. Glad to hear that resolve the problem.

    Given that there isn't very much info saved at present and that very little of it is changing dynamically (only really the gold counts - which I'm phasing out in favour of other existing plugins), I'm currently looking into removing the MySQL altogether.

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    Ok first of all, what config.yml? What exactly do I do with all of that config code? What do I save it as? What do I have to edit in it? How do I add it to MySQL? Do I paste the code in the SQL database of import the file? The plugin didnt include any info.
  6. First put 'Catacombs.jar' in the 'plugins' directory inside the place where you run the server (I guess you've probably done this already).

    Once you've run the server once with Catacombs installed, you should see a new 'Catacombs' directory in your plugins directory. In there you'll find a default config.yml file for Catacombs.

    Edit the Catacombs\config.yml file with a text editor (wordpad/textedit whatever).
    Fill in the details of your MySQL server (see below) and save the file back to the same location.

         Enabled: true                  - Set this to be true. Once you've set all the parameters
                                       -   below this will direct Catacombs access to try and
                                       -   connect to your server
                 Name: minecraft_user   - Your MySQL user login name
                 Password: password     - Your MySQL user login password
             Name: Minecraft           - The name of the MySQL database you want to put the
                                      -   Catacombs tables in. Create one using phpMyAdmin
                                      -   if you don't have a sutiable database(there are
                                      -   youtube tutorials on this if you are stuck)
             Prefix: cat_               - A prefix for the MySQL catacombs tables to avoid the
                                      -   table names clashing with other plugin tables if
                                      -   they share the same database (you probably don't
                                      -   need to change this)
             Port: 3306                - The port number for your MySQL database
                                      -   (you'll only need to change this if you've changed
                                      -   your default MySQL port to avoid a clash)
             Address: localhost        - The IP address the machine your MySQL server is running
                                      -   on. Just use localhost if it's running on the same
                                      -   machine as your server.
    Once you've supplied all the details, restart your server, if you've got it right you'll see
    "[Catacombs] Connected sucessfully to MYSQL" in the server console.
    After Catacombs will create the three tables it needs to track player gold, dungeon names and dungeon cuboids.
    That should be it.
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    Ok thanks, xD. Sorry about being stupid before. When I had run the server with the .jar it didn't make the folder, but it did now. I am filling out the MySQL config.yml now. I just have one question: What do I put in for the user option? Username and password for server? Thanks for all the help.
  8. It will be the MySQL database username and password (not anything you have set up for the server machine itself).
    The default MySQL user name is 'root' and the default password is 'admin', but I'd hope you've changed these. I'd recommend using the privileges tab for your chosen database and setting up a user/password that has just the required privileges (which are the 'Data' privileges and the 'CREATE' privileges from the 'Structure' list I think).
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    When you reset the catacombs you could possibly have it generate the placements of spawners and chests and everything randomly based on certain rules, possibly even the dungeon layout itself, that would make them more fun repeating as it'd be different each time
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  10. Yes it would be good if it was different each time. Based on this input and messages from
    others I'm thinking we need two options:
    a) A reset similar to the one we have now, but that also re-creates the spawners etc.
    b) A new option that is able to build a totally new dungeon in the regions occupied by a previous one.
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    when I typed '/cat plan N D R', it showed me some Area list.

    but I don't understand what are these mean..

    and typed '/cat build N' after planned, what Area selected for real build? is it automatically selected? or can I select it?
  12. When you plan a dungeon you should get a message like this:
    > /cat plan N 2 8
    Area (7x7) rooms=1
    Area (17x17) rooms=11
    Area (17x17) rooms=10
    'N' is good and ready to be built
    The dungeon is called 'N'. You asked for and got 2 dungeon levels plus a little hut on the surface. Each line tells you about one level. The first line says your hut will cover an area of 7 blocks by 7 blocks (and it's a single room). The second line says the first level down is 17 blocks by 17 blocks in size and contains 11 rooms/corridors. etc.
    We selected a radius of 8 for each level (starting at the steps down), so the levels will be no bigger than 8 + 1 + 8 =17.
    The area might be smaller on some levels if there are caves or player placed blocks. Remember the planning step examines the blocks under your feet and will only plan dungeons in solid-natural regions.
    When you are happy with the size build using '/cat build N'. This will bring the dungeon you planned into the world.

    So in summary, planning automatically selects the area under your feet (you control size via depth and radius), build simply brings the dungeon you planned into the world (at the location you planned it, with the door behind you). You only really control the planning step, with build you either decide to do it or not (no control).
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    Oh! Thanks!

    Then I have to type '/cat build' where I type '/cat plan'? (mean same block coord?)
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    I currently have dungeonbuilder installed on my server, which features its own protection system and rollbacks at completion (but doesn't generate dungeons in itself... requires someone to build it). If I installed this onto my server to help randomize the dungeons, would I be able to cotinue to use dungeonbuilder for protections and access points while using this for dungeon generation?

    EDIT: Also... can this addon plugin build up? IE: If there's an underground city, can it build dungeons up so that it doesn't hit bedrock.
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    That'd be interesting... I bet you can, as long as you do not reset/remove the Catacombs. I'm using DungeonBuilder atm too, but find it to be a pita... so definitely waiting for this Catacombs to advance a bit more, to replace DungeonBuilder altogether.
  16. Yes I think you probably could use Catacombs to build the levels and then dungeonbuilder to give access etc. Plan it, build it, unprotect it, then make any modifications you like.
    You'll need to have
    SecretDoorOnlyInDungeon: false
    or you'll run into problems with the secret doors not working once the dungeon has been unprotected (or turn the hidden door percentage chance down to zero in the config file).
    Interesting. Almost anything is possible. Some of the changes for this would be relatively easy, would also need to figure out a new structure for the entry building.

    Nope, you can be anywhere when you build. The plan remembers where you were and which direction you were facing.
    In fact it's wise to be a small distance away from the site so you don't get embedded in a hut wall or descend down the ladder straight into the dungeon.

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    I think the client crashes are being caused by the modifications happening too fast. Would it be possible for your plugin to create/delete the dungeons more slowly? Perhaps something like 20 blocks sleep, 20 more, etc.
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    This is very cool. And that's all I have to say about this one.
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    This is a great plugin. I have one issue though. I cannot seem to get to this to link with iCon6. I mean i know the plugin detects it well because it says it does. I had one of my users test out a catacomb and he got around 1000 Gold for it but none of it translated into iConomy dollars. How do we get this to occur?

    I apologize if i missed it somewhere in documentation.
  20. Thanks for posting this. That is very interesting. It's true all the block changes get done in one huge gulp. I hadn't heard there was an issue with this, but clearly something is not right and I've been over the problem code in fine detail. Do you know of any bukkit threads on this subject?

    Thanks. Little notes like this help keep me at it.
    Very Gump.

    I don't think you've missed anything in the docs. It sounds like a bug. I'll have to check which version of iConomy I'm testing with (4/5/6).

    Catacombs v0.5 has a heavily tided up version of the economy system (and includes EssentialsEco support), however I came across the 'Register' plugin while I was doing this which would have saved me the hassle of writing the code. It promises (and I have no reason to doubt it) to be easy way to interface to all the major economy plugins (it has separate support for iCon 4/5/6 so clearly there are differences).

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    Just wanted to drop in and say that i have this and am using it in combination with magicspells and mcmmo. The combination of the three is amazing, but your plugin absolutely takes the cake. This is probably one of the best plugins any rpg style server could want, and I just wanted to give you a high five on it.

    Keep up the amazing work. I can't wait to see where you take this in the future!
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  22. Many thanks for dropping in. :)
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    Is there a way to set the spawned catacombs to reset? Or do they automatically reset every server reset?
  24. '/cat reset <name>' will reset the named dungeon (removing torches, re-filling chests, closing doors - but not re-adding webs, re-adding spawners if they were destroyed rather than torched off).

    '/cat resetall' will reset all the dungeons on the server if you want to use an external plugin to organize an automatic
    regular update.
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    bro after 5 min with this plugin i started love it!!! I want ask only how can i change what is in chesta and to lock destroying the spawners and other things like that im sry and if you cant understand my english beacouse is bad

    how make dungeon when build her sry for that much questions

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  26. There isn't an option at the moment to protect the spawners, but I'll add one in version 0.5

    Unfortunately there is only limited control of what is in the chests at the moment. Have a look in the config file (plugins\Catacombs\config.yml) you'll see a lot of numbers you can change. You can't add new loot types at the moment, but you can change the numbers that are there (I will improve this at some point so you have full control).

    For example

    PumpkinPct: 5
    PumpkinNum: 1

    This (PumpkinPct) means there is a 5% chance of finding some pumpkins in a small chest. PumpkinNum controls how many pumpkins you'll find. In this case you'll only ever find one, but if you set the PumpkinNum to 6 you'll find between 1 and 6 (in 5% of the chests, and none in 95% of the chests). Set the 'Pct' to zero to turn that type of loot off.

    I think you are asking how to make and then build dungeons. If you look a bit further up this page you'll find a detailed answer from me to alfskan covering this question. Read that and send me any questions you still have.

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    nooo, i know how to build it but then when i type /cat list and its not in the list (i can build it)


    Here what i do: example:
    /cat plan Dungeon (levels) (range)
    after that use:
    /build Dungeon (and all ok its builded)
    after that i enter and destroy spawner and want to reload her:
    but write me this catacomb dont exist
    i write then:
    /cat list
    and write me:
    Catacomb:[] that catacomb i made not exist in catacomb list
    Expecting arg#1 to be an existing dungeon name - when im in dungeon

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  28. I'm running iConomy version 5 and haven't tested with version 6 (or 4) so that's probably the problem.

    Make sure you see this message in the server console "[Catacombs] Connected sucessfully to MYSQL"

    This sounds like you aren't cleanly connected to a MySQL database.

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    yea i see in consle this:
    [Catacombs] Warning: MYSQL is disabaled not everything will work as intended
    how to repair this problem? Write too: iConomy not found so skipping
    From where download MySQL v5 savely?
  30. There is a useful tool called XAMPP that you can use to set up a MySQL database, but if you aren't familiar with MySQL databases you may want to wait until I integrate a built in database option. If you want to go ahead and set things up then you'll need to run XAMPP, create a new database (say called Minecraft), and create a new database user (say called minecraft_user) and give the user access permissions to the new database. The plugin will do everything else.

    Find a video on installing MySQL for Minecraft if you need the details.
    Here is one I found

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