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    QuickBreak allows you to instantly break blocks on a left click action if you're in survival mode.

    QuickBreak version 1.0.0 for craftbukkit 1.4.6-R3: Download Here

    Tested against CraftBukkit 1.4.6-R0.3 and works fine

    NOTE: QuickBreak is still getting developed and new features are going to be added. QuickBreak has been tested and is ready for everyone to use but if there are any errors, please leave a comment or send in a ticket with the error you are getting and any other information.

    QuickBreak is extremely easy to use and is very lightweight. It's a simple drag and drop process and a quick configuration process for your liking (or use the defaults). This plugin is recommended for freebuild servers (servers that allow players to freely build without the worry of your building getting harmed (ie. griefed, exploded etc.) because it allows players to have the creative mode instant break feature just in survival mode.

    • You must need an item to break blocks (configurable in config)
    • Instantly break blocks on a left click
    • Doesn't drop the block item
    • Permission node for usage
    • Doesn't allow you to break bedrock to get into the void
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Perfect for freebuild servers
    • A great perk for donators on servers
    Installation instructions
    1. Drag the plugin into your plugins folder
    2. Reload/load your server
    DONE!Now to configure the plugin!
    1. Go into the folder in your plugin folder called "QuickBreak"
    2. Open the config.yml and configure the plugin to your liking
    Usage instructions

    Once you have QuickBreak installed on your server, you can either read the following tutorial or use /quickbreak in game for a tutorial.
    1. You must have the permission node quickbreak.use or be an OP. (Admin of the server: You may disable this option for OP's if you want by using the permission node "-quickbreak.use" which will do the opposite to the original node).
    2. In the installation process you would have configured the item to use for breaking blocks. Hold the item.
    3. You may now left click blocks to instantly break them.
    Permission nodes

    The plugin has one simple permission node that you can add for players to use QuickBreak. In the future there will be more for a better game play. The permission node:
    • quickbreak.use (allows you to instantly break blocks)
    1. Make a permission node that makes you collect the items from blocks you break
    2. Make certain blocks configurable to choose if you want the block to be broken or not
    3. In the config you can choose whether or not to do damage to your tool (if applicable)

    (1.0.0) - initial version (first version)
    (1.0.0 v2) - changed default item_needed_to_break to GOLD_PICKAXE

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