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    Path Mod - Create a path where you walk!
    Version: v0.1

    This mod is designed as a way to edit blocks under your feet in game, making it easier to build paths to towns and clear areas for spawn. Basically, you walk, and the blocks change right under your feet!

    [fire]This plugin is very dangerous and could cause allot of damage that can only be undone through a world backup! - you have been warned![fire]

    • Adjustable Radius
    • Customisable Block ID
    • Safety Auto-Turn off for those times when you teleport or die with path mod on.
    • Can set block ID to 0, This will clear the area under your feet (Flying recommended)
    • Changes Water
    • Only works for OP's

    Download for minecraft v1.7.3 [1000]


    /pm [ID] [Radius]

    -ID: Block ID to make the path out of (Default 43)
    -Radius: The radius of the path in blocks with you in the center (Default 3)
    -Type /pm to turn Path mod off/on

    To Do:
    • Add an option to enable/disable the changing of air/water
    • Add an Undo option
    • Add support for Big Brother rollbacks
    Change log:
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    Nice, this is like simpleroads, but simpler.
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    I may use this instead of LazyRoads for my space worlds. It seems this one is a little more freeform, not to mention it would be good to fill in random holes people make... or huggin creepers
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    nice mod helped me out with building a lot of roads now to do sky scraper floors.
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    how to install
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    This is great! Do you offer the source? I am just learning Java and would love to see how you do this.

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    hey great plugin, you should however make a toggable option that everything infront of the path (maybe alterable hieght and width, radius) gets destroyed and or removed
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    Any chance at all for an update? Love this plugin. better than lazyroads IMO since lazyroads doesnt to curves well at all.
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    Man I miss this plugin SO much. it made our server look amazing. due to the ease of use. and adding to it was easy.
    Would you mind letting someone else work on this?
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    This works on 1.2.3?
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    Guess ill have to PM him. I need this plugin again.
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    Heard another update is due the 4th :( delaying more work on this im sure. So you wont let anyone have the code to continue it? just wondering. best plugin ive really used. and I really want it back.
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    Awesome, Update?
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    I really need this right now.
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    Please update!
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    Great Now update it i like using it when it was able to be downloaded so update it Please

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