[EDIT] NTheEndAgain v0.1.0 Beta - the End / 8000+ downloads ! [1.5.1-R0.2]

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  1. Oh shit, got to try this, sounds AMAZING! Thanks a ton, have been looking for something like it for ages =D
  2. Update : Version 0.6
    • Regen is now possible without restarting the server
    • New Regen option : regen the End a custom time after one ED died with respawnType 3
    • New Regen option : regen the End a custom time after all ED died with respawnType 4
    • New Regen option : regen the End a custom time before the ED respawn
    • New Regen option : regen the End periodically with a custom timer
    • Added /regenEnd command with N3W_TheEndAgain.regen permission (Alias : /regEnd)
    • Custom message on End regeneration
    • Added ability to modify the ED health !
    • Auto-disabling plugin if not End world found
    As always, config.yml will be regenerated !
  3. Ok, I came to the idea of doing some kind of security for this :
    If you regen the end while some players were in and if you have kick enabled, all players in the end will be kicked out before regen. The problem is that if they "respawn" midair and fall into the dark-deep-nothing under the End, they die.

    What do you think I should do ?
    1. Teleport everybody that fall below height 1 in the EndWorld to the EndWorld "center"
    2. Teleport everybody that fall below height 1 in the EndWorld to the main world spawn
    3. 1 or 2 but only players who just joined the game (10-20 seconds)
    4. 3 + check they have been kicked some time before ?
    Maybe I could make every possibilities available... I don't know

    Update : Version 0.6a
    • The on-the-fly regen method now pay attention to :
      • EnderDragons that were alive before the regen
      • EnderDragon that could be respawned by the regen
    No config regen this time !
    And this is officially a triple-post ! Yay !

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    The Plugin makes automatically a new end when a player want's to go into it. (And delete it at the end).
  5. I don't think it's possible, or I didn't understand what you wanted. What if more than one player want to fight the ED ?
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    Love it! great addition to our servers RPG system for partying :D ty!
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    Hello I did not regen the end and respawn ED before the elapsed time after the restart the server. In what may be the reason?
    My config:
    #Choose your way to regen the End, or do not regen the End at all
    #    * 0 = Do not regen the End world
    #    * 1 = regen the End at server stop <= Default Value
    #    * 2 = regen the End at server stop AND <regenTimer> AFTER EnderDragon death (respawnType 3) or All EnderDragon deaths (respawnType 4)
    #    * 3 = regen the End at server stop AND <regenTimer> BEFORE EnderDragon respawn
    #    * 4 = regen the End at server stop AND every <regenTimer>
    regenType: 1
    #This is the <regenTimer> value in the above comments
    #    * 60  = 1 minute
    #    * 600  = 10 minutes
    #    * 3600 = 1 hour
    regenTimer: 5
    #What should we do if there are players in the End world on regen ?
    #    * 0 = All players in the End world get kicked, so they can rejoin directly in the End after regen <= Default Value
    #    * 1 = All players in the End world get teleported to first world's spawn
    actionOnRegen: 1
    #Messages to send when the End regen. Used for broadcast and kick message (actionOnRegen value above)
    regenMessage: 'null'
    #When should we respawn the EnderDragon ?
    #    * 0 = We do not respawn the EnderDragon (Why do you use this plugin ? :D)
    #    * 1 = We respawn ALL EnderDragon on reboot <= Default Value
    #    * 2 = We respawn ALL EnderDragon on reboot and ALL EnderDragon every <timer> seconds, if ONE is dead
    #    * 3 = We respawn ALL EnderDragon on reboot and ONE EnderDragon <timer> seconds after ONE died
    #    * 4 = We respawn ALL EnderDragon on reboot and ALL EnderDragon <timer> seconds after ALL OF THEM died
    respawnType: 4
    #This is the <timer> of previous comments. Here are some examples :
    #    * 600 = 10 minutes
    #    * 3600 = 1 hour
    #    * 14400 = 4 hours (6 times per day)
    #    * 21600 = 6 hours (4 times per day)
    #    * 28800 = 8 hours (3 times per day)
    #    * 43200 = 12 hours (2 times per day)
    #    * 86400 = 24 hours (1 time per day) <= Default Value
    respawnTimer: 86400
    #Maximum number of EnderDragon to be respawned in the End world ?
    nbMaxEnderDragon: 1
    #Minimum number of EnderDragon to be respawned in the End world ?
    nbMinEnderDragon: 1
    #Use custom XP rewarding system ? Yes=1, No=0
    xpRewardingType: 0
    #How many XP points does the ED drop/give ?
    xpReward: 18000
    #Messages to send when the ED respawn. Set to '' for no messages. Seperate different lines with ;
    respawnMessages: ''
    #Messages to send when the ED die and players receive exp with custom system.
    #    Message format : expMessage1 <expQuantity> expMessage2
    #    Example with 100 as quantity : The EnderDragon died ! You won 100 exp !
    expMessage1: 'The &cED &adied !;You won &c'
    expMessage2: ' &aexp !'
    #Difficulty coef applied to damage done by players to ED (per player) like that : Dmg = Dmg * 1/(coef^(nbplayer-1))
    #    * 2.0 = Dmg/2  with 2 players, Dmg/4    with 3 players, Dmg/8    with 4 players...
    #    * 1.5 = Dmg/1.5 with 2 players, Dmg/2.25 with 3 players, Dmg/3.375 with 4 players...
    #    * 1.0 = Disabled
    difficultyCoefPerPlayer: 2.0
    #Change the health value of the EnderDragon. Default = 200
    enderDragonHealth: 500
    #Prevent EnderDragon from creating portals on Death ? Yes=true, No=false
    preventPortals: false
    Idea: add a drop rate of reward and hp crystals (number of blows on them before they are destroyed)
  9. Sorry, I can't understand what you said here.
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    Not regen the End at server stop
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    will this work i all i want to do is when my server restarts i want a new end
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    Can you please add an option to remove the prefix of the plugin from the announcements?
  13. Why ?
    Also, the names of my plugins will change in a few days/weeks, all of them will be 4 letters long. Yes, maybe [N3W_TheEndAgain] is a bit long as a prefix !
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    Because my users find it silly and it's generally respectable conduct to do so. I could decompile it and do it myself, I just thought I'd ask.
  15. I'm not able to do any update now, but I'll do this. Maybe an option to change the prefix. And if empty, no prefix.
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    That would be very nice, thank you. :)
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    Would it be possible to make custom item drops? Or is this already planned / added?
  18. Update 0.99a for 1.3.1.
    I completly rewrote the plugin, so some features are no longer available.

    As I was not able to test it that much, it's an alpha version. Please report any bugs, I will fix everything today.
    See BukkitDev page for download, or GitHub.

    EDIT : Update 0.99b : Added ability to disable the [TheEndAgain] Tag

    EDIT : Update 0.99c : Fixed the above change not working.

    EDIT : Update 0.99d : Alpha -> Beta, Changed tag to [End], option to regen end on auto-respawn.

    Also, it's tested and compatible with the new 1.3.1-R2.0 CraftBukkit Recommended Build.

    EDIt : Update 0.99e : Bugfixes

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  19. Update 0.99f : Bugfixes and more features for preventPortals.

    Please report any bug before this plugin get out of Beta !
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    Maybe add options for controlling Enderman spawn (reducing it specifically).
  21. I don't know if it's possible, maybe setting a maximum number of Endermen, but I'm not sure it will work as intended (group of many endermen and place where there is no endermen because limit is reached...)

    But for now, Update 0.99g ! Big update, now you can protect chunks. There are also a lot of changes, see first post.
    Download available on GitHub, waiting for approval on BukkitDev.
  22. Updated to 1.00 Beta, please test and report any bug. 1.00 final coming.
  23. Updated to 1.00
    Please consider backing up your End world and your config before updating, as there is always a chance of something bad happening.
  24. I will be using ur plugin, mainly cause of the custom health =), but im lazy to respawn the dragons every time, btw, we can set a whole week in the respawn time?
  25. You can't set a respawn time bigger than your reboot time, sorry. If the respawn timer is activated, the EnderDragon spawn on boot THEN respawn every <timer> minutes.
    I add more details on BukkitDev about it http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/n3w_theendagain/#c93
  26. Quick Update 1.01
    - Quickfix - Removed console spam with custom ED damages
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    Any chance of you fixing this in the future? Many other plugins I use can remember reset timers though a restart. Most servers restart at least once a day if for updates or just to make sure things are running smooth. I run many other plugins that have timers and none of them reset the timer every time the server restarts.
  28. This plugin was done for myself and my server, and ONLY for myself and my server. I made some little and not-so-little changes to make it available publicly. I don't need this feature at all : I don't understand what's the point of allowing only one ED per week.

    Maybe I'll do this later, but that's not a priority. I may add a file which would store the time left, but It's not compatible with how it's implemented : I can't know "How much time left" at any time. So this needs plugin refactoring to be possible.
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    For me the point of only having 1 ED per week is so that you can't farm the ED for thousands of XP levels.

    Also, could you have an option for chunk protection on an exclusionary rather than exclusionary system, or any system whereby users dont have to indivitually protect chunks 1 by 1. I remember in an earlier version, the ability to say "anything inside these co-ords will be reset, all else is protected." thx

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