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    This plugin is still VERY alive.
    If you guys haven't heard yet, we're now going to be doing the help on DBO (dev.bukkit.org) Our pages are here:



    Feature Requests go in the appropriate Github Issues section. See below.
    Post Bug Reports In the thread
    or join IRC at #multiverse on EsperNet

    Multiverse 2 - World Creation/Management/Teleportation & More​
    Current Version: 2.2-AB

    Multiverse 2 is a ground up rewrite of the popular Multiverse plugin for CraftBukkit. There are many new features, the biggest one being the much better usability and cleaner code! MV2 has been in the works for over 2 months and given the size of it, the developers are confident that you'll find a small bug or two. Please come into our IRC channel and discuss politely with us and we'll get it resolved quick-fastly!

    Looking for the old version that runs on CraftBukkit 1000? We don't have it anymore :( Here's an archive of the old help post. If you're a new user, we REALLY recommend using Multiverse 2..

    The Multiverse Team:
    @Rigby90 - The Multiverse God. 'nuff said
    @fernferret - Coding Person. Don't ask him about P2/P3 or Error 199.
    @lithium3141 - Utility coder or crazy math dude. You decide.
    @main-- - Is this his forum account? Localization person and MV-Adventure dev!


    Testers (official I know a bunch of you have helped, thanks!):

    Want to Try before you buy(er, download for free)?
    Check out the official Multiverse 2 test server: beta.zomgameservers.com

    Some of the MV2 Features:
    • Create multiple worlds of different types, seeds and with Custom Generators
    • Create portals to let users go between other portals, worlds, or locations
    • PermissionsBukkit support (Anything that implements the superperms api (PermBukkit, PEX, bPerms...)
    • iConomy, BOSEconomy, RealEcon, Essentials Econ and Item economy support!
    • Show which users are in what worlds
    • Create portals to let users go between worlds
    • Control who can enter worlds/portals with permissions!
    • World scaling with NetherPortals
    • Allow minecarts/boats through portals
    • Launch users through the air when they enter a portal!
    • Conserve memory by having some worlds NOT keep their spawn chunks loaded!
    • And the list goes on...

    This plugin requires CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1+

    The Dev versions Require CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1

    Need help? Check out our AWESOME Wikis!
    Core Wiki
    Portals Wiki
    NetherPortals Wiki
    SignPortals Wiki

    Core Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    Portals Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    NetherPortals Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    SignPortals Downloads
    (Stable Builds | Dev Builds)

    Why multiple Downloads?

    Want to use bleeding edge?
    Grab live builds from ci.onarandombox.com

    FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How do I make portals:

    How do I separate world inventories?:
    Use the plugin named MultiInv

    People can't log into my 1060 Bukkit Server!:
    Are you using spout? If so, you need to upgrade it to a dev version or disable it until those guys release a 1060 compatible version.

    How do I know if I'm running CB XXXX or higher?:
    Type /version. The number here is your CB version:
    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-980-g4ed23b1-b1060jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    Please check that this version is the same as one of those in the title of the post.

    More Up-To-Date FAQ:

    Commands, Syntax & Permissions:
    Core Wiki
    Portals Wiki
    NetherPortals Wiki
    SignPortals Wiki

    Known Issues:
    Core Issues
    Portals Issues
    NetherPortals Issues
    SignPortals Issues


    Changelogs present on each file on DBO.

    Version 2.0
    • Release the Multiverse 2 Suite
    1.X changelog (For posterity)

    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.7.2
    • Now allow you to mvmodify worlds with _s
    Version 1.7.1

    • Added ability to do seeded world creation via: /mvcreate WORLD ENV SEED
    • Now allow you to import/create worlds with _s
    • Automatically import your DEFAULTWORLD_nether world
    • Add the /mvenvironments command to help you determine what valid environments are!
    • Other nifty bugfixes
    Version 1.7

    • Skylands is now supported as an Environment/Biome Type
    • The plugin should now support any custom Environment/Biomes which are added to CraftBukkit in the future without an update from Multiverse.
    • Fixed the 'Kick on Teleport' issue.
    Version 1.6.4

    • Fixed 0 Price Portals
    • Fixed a bug with new Portals
    • Updated for iConomy 5 (You will need to update to iCo 5)
    • Improved the PVP Setup
      • Now you no longer have to set the server.properties PVP variable to true... this is now completely done via the worlds config and properly stops PVP rather than preventing the damage from being applied.
    Version 1.6.3

    • Update for Minecraft 1.5 and CraftBukkit build 733
    Version 1.6.2

    • Contains updates/features which were introduced in 1.5
    Version 1.6 - Thanks to 'fernferret'

    • Updated for CB Builds 600+
    Version 1.5 - Permissions 2.1+ - (V1.5 - 02/03/2011)[/U]

    • Fixed whitelist/blacklisting once and for all :), thanks to @ledhead900
    • Add permission node 'multiverse.portal.exempt' -- Basically means they don't have to pay the cost of the portal... this is useful for Donors and such.
    • Updated to use iConomy 4.1 -- Would be great if I can get feedback on this... as usual I can only test solo.
    Version 1.4 - Permissions 2.0 & 2.1 - (V1.4 - 26/02/2011 - 01:11 AM GMT)

    • Should be easier on high pop servers now
      • Only checks if a player is within a Portal everytime he changes BLOCK Coordinate instead of every single pixel footstep he/she takes.
    • Now Supports Permissions 2.1 -- Both 2.1 and 2.0 support have seperate JARs, so get the right one.
      • Also commands are properly disabled when a Permissions plugin is not found and it will alert the player trying to use the Command.
    Version 1.3 - Permissions 2.0 - (V1.3 - 24/02/2011 - 02:31 AM GMT)

    • Removed the 'Stupidly Long Constructor'
    • Fixed an error which was loading portals that were on a non existent world which caused errors later on.
    Version 1.2.2 - (V1.2.2 - 23/02/2011 - 03:05 AM GMT)

    • Nothing much just updated so it works with Minecraft Beta 1.3, I suggest you don't use a lower Multiverse build than v1.2.2 otherwise it won't work and errors will occur.
    Version 1.2.1 - (V1.2.1 - 20/02/2011 - 23:35 PM GMT)

    • Changed over to the new Entity Damage...

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    I Have everything Working, People are in the nether, but they can't harvest the little Red flowers/mushrooms
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    Can you check it's not related to the known issue on the first post of this thread?

    If it is, theres nothing I can do about it. If it's not then check you haven't got any sort of spawn protection or any other plugin preventing blocks from being damaged.
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    I've done all that and I have the same problem. Anyone can create a portal without a sign, and it will take them to the nether from the normal world. It doesn't take them to the /mvsetspawn spot in the nether, rather it takes them to some random spot. I tried this without Multiverse installed, and walking through a portal does nothing.

    One thing I'm wondering about is you say have Essentials Nether and Portals turned off... I'm sure I have nether turned off with nether: enabled: false, but I don't know what you mean about portals.
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    It's not a known issue, There is no Block protection
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    Here's my plugins directory. Could you show me what the configuration file for permissions is supposed to look like? I can execucute all the Multiverse commands in game, but for whatever reason I just get an internal server area whenever I try to use them.

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    Sorry for the late response, just been so busy with the next version of MultiVerse...

    If the user can portal without a sign then my plugin isnt doing it, this is no doubt Essentials.

    Make sure you've got the latest build of Essentials, then in the config should be an option to turn off the portals as well.
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 8:24 PM ---
    I'll take a look into this.
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 8:26 PM ---
    That's wierd, can you try a quick attempt at removing all the other plugin jar files and just run the server with Permissions and MultiVerse. I'm not sure if Permissions will error at you if you havent got a decent config.

    I use the following config for testing purposes - http://pastebin.com/AUuMMyT5

    It puts me in the administrators group which can perform every command.
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    Thanks, you don't have to apologize. I wasn't as current on Essentials as I thought. I upgraded to 191 though and I still have the issue.


    Again, I have a portal a user created with no signs on it. When I walk though i end up at a random place in the nether.

    Thanks for helping out, and no this isn't urgent :)

    Take a breather buddy, you've been a machine the past few days.

    Edit: I should add that I don't have this issue when either Essentials or MultiVerse are uninstalled. Both of them together seem to be causing the issue for me.
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    (Hmm, what other plugins are you currently running.) --- Scrap this, forgot you posted server logs :p.

    I will however state that MultiVerse doesn't function without signs (yet, hopefully will by the end of tonight), is this just a case of finding the plugin thats providing the functionality and disabling it or?

    Thanks for the kind words, will hopefully get a proper break sometime this week :)
    --- merged: Feb 13, 2011 10:12 PM ---
    hmm unless MyWarp or MyHome has included Nether functionality... I'm stumped. Unless Essentials isn't properly reading the settings you've set in that config.

    If you put a sign on the portal it should however work.
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    Ok, I'm obviously doing something wrong. I still crash even with only Permissions and MultiVerse running. I noticed that in that sample config you showed me none of the lines you included in the 'Permissions' code box in the main post were in there. Are these not supposed to be in that file? I'm really starting to think either I'm stupid or Minecraft just doesn't like me.
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    If you set your account with the "permissions=*" that means you can use every command possible.

    Try using my Config but just replace Rigby90 with your in game name. If that still doesn't work we'll have to take another look.
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    Hi, love the plugin, is there any way to make different permissions for different worlds? For example, a creative world where you can spawn items, and a world where you can't. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the quick reply :)

    I'm gonna not worry about it right now, but let me give you some testing info I just tried.

    Deleted the nether directory and any info about it from MultiVerse.yml
    Tried to go through the portal without a sign, nothing happened.
    /mv create world2 normal
    tried to go through the same portal with no sign, warped to world2.
    tried /mvspawn to make sure i was actually in world2 and i warped to a random spot in world2
    built a new portal without a sign in world2, warped to world1 in a random spot.

    You know your code better then anyone, and if you don't process portals without signs its not MultiVerse's issue. Something seems to be using the multiverse.yml info though as I could not warp when it doesn't contain a world to warp to. I blame Essentials... it's an easy target :)

    I'll just disable it for now and wait until you have a new version I can try.
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    That would have to be dealt with, with the plugin in question... such as General, Essentials etc which ever you use to do /give.
  15. I greatly appreciate this mod, when i had hmod i used a map, it was set on fire cause it broke.
    I had a backup of the map. Now im using it now.

    I thank you, please continue the development of this mod.
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    Some people can't go into the portal why is that
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    Theres no permissions on MultiVerse, so chances are this is Essentials blocking it.
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    Sorry, I was a bit confused. When you create a portal is it automatically make a portal back on the other side? Right now when my users portal over, they get stuck and I have to force them back to world 1 until someone builds a portal back themselves.
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    Sadly yes, I'm a bit mixed as to whether to allow automatic portal building.

    It gives the any user a form of griefing ability... you never know where the portal will end up on the otherside, it could possibly be halfway in between someones building etc.

    As a sort of work around the next version as a "/mvpbuild" command which will build a portal for the player. Although I'd only supply it to trusted members till I add a form of grief control or cooldown onto it.
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    I see, and that makes sense except that right now it's a one way ticket and my users end up building the portal just to get stuck. Maybe generate an item with a one time use to send them back to the default world? I don't know if this is possible. I don't want my users to having free reign, but I'd like them to be able to explore other verses like it was a natural game mechanic and not break the immersion by making them use commands. It's kind of nice having a nether portal be something of an achievement and not as easy as typing /mvtp.

    Edit: Or perhaps just have a portal that auto-generates in the default spawn which a mod can destroy.
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    Will take a look into it.
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    Thanks Rigby, much appreciated.
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    Incoming New Version

    In the process of typing up the new commands, permissions, guides etc for V1.0 which will allow the following -
    • Teleport to a Worlds Spawn
    • Teleport to another Portal
    • Teleport to Specific World & Coordinates
    • Designate areas or any block as a portal, no longer restricted to NetherPortals (Will add a click event for this for those that requested it)
    • Information Wand - Find out where a portal will take you before you enter it.
    • Unique costs per Portal
    • and more...
    More to come -
    • Per portal/world permissions (Hopefully tonight tomorrow, managed to lose time over the week).
    • Item and Block restrictions in specific Worlds (Same as above).
    • World distance ratios (SSP fast travel style).
    • Auto Portal creationg on exist.
    • PVP - On/Off ---- Will try find a workaround till its supported.
    • Animals/Mobs - On/Off --- Will try find a workaround till its supported.
    • And more...
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    You Need to remove Essentials Spawn ;) Mulitple spawn plugins might conflict badly. Oh wait Nvm this uses different command for spawn but Id remove it see what happens.

    Also Are you running Permissions 2.0 and not the older 1.9, Grab the latest CB and BukkitMain download from this link http://bamboo.lukegb.com/browse/BUKKIT;jsessionid=7ux1sqxqwo7s

    I am including our current servers Permissions config file for you to look over.
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 3:54 AM ---

    I went over you config for permissions as well it is set out strangly Essentials converted mine from the layout your's had to how mine looks now, But I don't think will do this anymore eaither way my config more accuraterly represents how plugins read the permissons file.

    Oh yea I ran your config over Ymal Praser online at http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/ and this is the resualt


    parsing a block collection
    "<unicode string>"line 1column 1:
    justwrite some
    expected <block end>, but found '?'
    in "<unicode string>"line 6column 1:
    It should not error at all the fact that it does might mean that its taking a secuirty messure and disabling it on startup to prevent damage I know CB can detect errors like this now and disable a plugin before it even loads.

    Your Serverlog tells me permissions are not even loading on startup
    Your Minecart mania is out of date and your craftbukkit versions is really out of date.

    Type Versions in the console to see your CB versions or check what it says uptop when u start server.

    I already gave u my Config in permissions to look over so here is my server on start taken from console go over this as well.

    2011-02-14 14:52:44 [INFOStarting minecraft server version Beta 1.2_01
    -02-14 14:52:44 [INFOLoading properties
    -02-14 14:52:44 [INFOStarting Minecraft server on
    -02-14 14:52:44 [INFOThis server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit
    -0.0.0-405-gf77e79e-b323 (MC1.2_01)
    2011-02-14 14:52:44 [INFOPreparing level "world"
    2011-02-14 14:52:44 [INFOPreparing start region
    -02-14 14:52:45 [INFOPreparing spawn area4%
    2011-02-14 14:52:46 [INFOPreparing spawn area28%
    2011-02-14 14:52:47 [INFOPreparing spawn area65%
    2011-02-14 14:52:48 [INFOPreparing spawn area93%
    2011-02-14 14:52:49 [INFO] [Cleanerversion [1.6] (Nightloaded
    -02-14 14:52:49 [INFO] [iChatversion [1.5] (Maria Holicloaded
    [1.491Loading shared objects
    [1.491Loaded 9 config entries
    [1.491Native librarylib/native/Windows/amd64/sqlitejdbc.dll
    -02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] [Permissionsversion [2.0] (Handlerloaded
    -02-14 14:52:54 [INFOLoading PluginControl Version 0.41
    -02-14 14:52:54 [INFOUsing Nijikokun's Permission plugin
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] PluginControl started
    PW: Max warps default: 5
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] PW: Starting initialization of PrivateWarp
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] PW: Copyright: Wrecker Technologies
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] PW: PrivateWarp 1.3.1 initialized
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] WorldEdit 3.2.2 loaded.
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] WorldEdit: Permissions plugin detected! Using Permiss
    ions plugin for permissions.
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] WorldGuard 3.2.2 loaded.
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] WorldGuard: Permissions plugin detected! Using Permis
    sions plugin for permissions.
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] WorldGuard: Blacklist loaded.
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.Backu
    pPlugin) BackupPlugin version 0.8.5 is enabled!
    2011-02-14 14:52:54 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.Backu
    pPlugin) Finished setting up a thread: class com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.Bac
    kupUnit Next run in: 7 minutes.
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] Loaded Essentials build Dev328 by Zenexer, ementalo,
    Eris, and EggRoll
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] Loaded EssentialsBan build Dev328 by Zenexer, emental
    o, Eris, and EggRoll
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] Loaded EssentialsHelp build Dev328 by Zenexer, ementa
    lo, Eris, and EggRoll
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] Loaded EssentialsTele build Dev328 by Zenexer, ementa
    lo, Eris, and EggRoll
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] ExtendedDay version 1.31 enabled.
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] ExtendedDay version 1.31 initialized!
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -admin
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -create
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -free
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -info
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -p
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -modify
    LWC     [1.491] Loaded command: /lwc -unlock
    LWC     [1.491] -> PLAYER_QUIT
    LWC     [1.491] -> ENTITY_EXPLODE
    LWC     [1.491] -> BLOCK_INTERACT
    LWC     [1.491] -> BLOCK_DAMAGED
    LWC     [1.491] Dev mode: FALSE
    LWC     [1.491] Using Nijikokun'
    s permissions plugin for permissions
    [1.491Loading SQLite
    [1.491Creating physical tables if needed
    [1.491Creating memory tables
    -02-14 14:52:55 [INFOMinecart Mania Admin Controls version 0.13 is enabled
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFOMinecart Mania Chest Control version 0.11 is enabled!

    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFOMinecart Mania Core version 0.81 is enabled!
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFOMinecart Mania Sign Commands version 0.16 is enabled!

    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFOMinecart Mania Station version 0.22 is enabled!
    2011-02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] [MultiVerseLoading World Settings 'world' NOR
    -02-14 14:52:55 [INFO] [MultiVerseLoading World Settings 'Rift_Zero' -
    Preparing spawn area 
    for Rift_Zero12%
    Preparing spawn area for Rift_Zero24%
    Preparing spawn area for Rift_Zero36%
    Preparing spawn area for Rift_Zero48%
    Preparing spawn area for Rift_Zero65%
    Preparing spawn area for Rift_Zero77%
    Preparing spawn area for Rift_Zero89%
    2011-02-14 14:53:03 [INFO] [MultiVerseLoading World Settings 'The_Abyss' -
    Preparing spawn area 
    for The_Abyss16%
    Preparing spawn area for The_Abyss36%
    Preparing spawn area for The_Abyss53%
    Preparing spawn area for The_Abyss69%
    Preparing spawn area for The_Abyss85%
    Preparing spawn area for The_Abyss97%
    2011-02-14 14:53:09 [INFO] [MultiVerse] - Version 0.5.4 Enabled
    -02-14 14:53:09 [INFO] [MYWARP]: 31 warps loaded
    -02-14 14:53:09 [INFO] [MYWARPPermissions enabled.
    2011-02-14 14:53:09 [INFOMyWarp 1.9 enabled
    -02-14 14:53:09 [INFOWorldEditPermissions plugin detectedUsing Permiss
    ions plugin 
    for permissions.
    2011-02-14 14:53:09 [INFOWorldGuardPermissions plugin detectedUsing Permis
    sions plugin 
    for permissions.
    2011-02-14 14:53:09 [INFO] [SignProtect] [0.5enabled
    Trying to load whitelist and settings...done.
    Whitelist version 1.9 is enabled!
    2011-02-14 14:53:09 [INFODone! For helptype "help" or "?"

    Attached Files:

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    I'm having an interesting issue. i just tried to set up five new 'dimensions' but when i finish the portal and go through after the second 'extra' world (i have default then a nether and alternate normal) all the consecutive different worlds i tried to use put me on the second extra.

    sp for example i have w1, w2, w3, w4, w5 and w6. w1 is defualt
    w1=>w2 works
    w1=>w3 works
    w1=>w4 puts me on w3
    w1=>w5 puts me on w3
    w1=>w6 puts me on w3
    and so on.

    any ideas on what to try? or is this the maximum load for right now?
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    hmm not seen that happen, I'll have a look into it.

    New version is out shortly (matter of minutes hopefully) which scraps the sign method though.
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    WhhWHAAAT do you mean no sign methods and did you do different this time!
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    Update v1.0
    • Teleport to a Worlds Spawn
    • Teleport to another Portal
    • Teleport to Specific World & Coordinates
    • Designate areas or any block as a portal, no longer restricted to NetherPortals (Will add a click event for this for those that requested it)
    • Information Wand - Find out where a portal will take you before you enter it.
    • Unique costs per Portal
    • and more...
    I'll be honest and say I'm expecting a few issues regarding this update, it's a big change compared to the other versions. On top of that the release was rushed more than I would of liked it, I wanted to get it out before the night was up in at least some timezones.

    It'll probs take a bit to get to grips with and I don't have time tonight to release a HowTo. Your best bet is if you arn't good at trial and error then leave it till a HowTo is out.

    Also if any bugs are found please post with as much information as possible.
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    Changelog... inital thoughts hmm hesident to try it out with out explinaiton on how one now travels WITHOUT a command.

    What do you mean by Area based triggering of portal ?
    are we talking u touch a block or u enter an area that is zoned to be the portal?

    I could trial and error this but frankly I just don't want to until more is known not that Im bad at doing so I just don't see the point in changing what is working to something Im not sure about until I get more time to actually sit down and play around with it, unlike the kind of server mods you just whack on and forget about after u setup permissions.

    This requires a little toying with to make sure its stable enough to be kept going.

    Prority list thoughts!
    Those makred has HIGH need a tweak or two for instance Blacklisting -not needed most ppl will look elsewhere for blacklisting/world protection look up worldguard and bigbrother - noted worldguard does not support xworlds yet but its next version does version 4.x.

    Here I reworked your tasks for you based needed vs meh

    • High - Code CleanUp + Sleep - sure why not
    • High - Player/Group Whitelisting for each World. - YES!
    • High - Item Blacklisting for each World. - HELL NO!

    • Medium - Ability to Enable/Disable crossworld Chat. - Maybe
    • Medium - Advanced Permissions - EG: Ability to Create/Destroy Portals. (Currently other alternatives) - YES!

    • Low - Fix Compass (Should be easy fix, may make it in between high priority stuff) - Forget it
    • Low - Auto Portal creation on destination World - Forget it
    • Low - Distance Ratio between worlds. (Customizable Ratio???) - forget it
    • Unknown - iConomy, a cut of the cost goes to the portal owner (Let me know what you think) - why not
    • Unknown - Mobs = true/false for individual worlds (Will try find a workaround due to lack of configuration for this)- Should be marked as High < scrap Itemblacklist for this!
    • Unknown - PVP = true/false for individual worlds (Will try find a workaround due to lack of configuration for this) - Combine with Mobs enable/disable taks so YES! < High

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    There is still the command, you can still use /mvtp

    Portals are now setup via selecting them with the wand, creating it and then setting its destination

    Atm it's just when you walk into an area, so you walk through a netherportal etc... I will be implementing button clicks and block clicks to teleport a player as well.

    Regarding the itemblacklisting, that is quite true however not everyone runs it and at the time of it enterring the list (earlier in the week) there was no sign of WG being updated... Now with WG being worked on it could potentially be bumped down the list or off it completely... however not everyone runs WG.

    The rest of the tasks were generally set based on when it was requested and how often its been mentioned to me. That in my book means its more of an issue than one might think. I'll take it all into consideration though.

    I may push Mobs/PVP up to high priority, right behind permissions system. Will see how I feel tomorrow :).
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    No problem was just wondering due to all the changes lately I wont be supprised if you start tinkering around with permissions and Blacklists that every other plugin that does the same thing starts conflicting that imo is more of an issue then actually making a new one in inbuilt.

    What people fail to want to realize before making a request is the impact it might have on exisiting dedicated plugins doing that very thing.

    as u said some might not be using it but in my case most of best modoerated servers that care will be using some kind of dedicated plugin for item control.

    I just feel some of the stuff at medium could be bumped for improved core features like optimizations and general peformance stuff like mobs and how u interact with the world.

    about the commands I know I could use commands but frankly I plan to reserver this for admin rank only and staff everyone else will be using a portal of some kind.

    I preffer world interaction over commands for things like this, Im dissapointed the sign method is gone I would have kept it until this new method was tested better.

    I also still don't quite understand how you would give a destination to a portal structure if not for a sign then what do I do I guess I could just skim the new commands if any but again as you said if your not willing to spend 30 mins tinkering with it dont use it.

    That is the case for me sadly I dont have 30 mins to tinkerwith maybe when I get some more time this afternoon and if I feel like messing up a good thing I will try it out.

    I still thinks its a bit iffy right now until more is known, Im not saying no to it just as I said a little un sure what to expect.

    I would normaly tinker with things for about 20 mins before swapping over and walking away if its a major change like this and today I just dont have the time for it.

    The change is interesting to say the least I'm curiouse.
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 4:47 AM ---
    Just to add to above its mainy about excess bulk if your not going to use it then any extra is a conflict hazard or resource waste.

    I would think servers running this would be already running Dedicated Blacklist plugins, There are plugins around now that do similer to this but less weight I would imagine servers after specific types of things would go for this over the other veriants.

    This is the best by far tho I just think adding all that other stuff in your pirority listing other then Mobs and pvp on off is going to be a waste for us.

    End of the day I understand where your comming from as well, I guess im just another one of those "we dont need multiple of the same kind of people"

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