[EDIT/FUN] WeatherMan - Change biomes easy! [BukkitDev]

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    Ummm, voxelsniper is not outdated, I installed it yesterday
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    yeah well for some reason voxelsniper only gives me the commands like update and all that nothing to use to edit the world.
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    Follow this link for a video on that, it is a bug in voxelsniper, pause the video and read what the guy put up.
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    I've created an open translation projects at crowdin.net. And I will very thankful if you can help me to translate WeatherMan to other languages.
    1. Translation from English to some languages (including German, Spanish, French and other)
    2. Translation from Russian to English (I know my English is terrible, and Ukranian)

    New translation:
    Ukrainian (Українська) - translated by duckman, Rangars Team

    Thank you very much, duckman!

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    New translation:
    German (Deutsch) - translated by PinguinAman.

    Thank you very much, PinguinAman!
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    What is this ??

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    It's a metrics - minecraft statistic, created by Hidendra (developer of LWC). Metrics is a plugin module that provides a statistic services: developer could number of servers, that uses a plugin; countries where that servers located. This message inform about metrics server was unaccessible at that moment. Here is WetherMan statistics: http://mcstats.org/plugin/WeatherMan
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    Oh ... interesting !
    But i have never see this ... IPTable is my friend :D
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    can you make it where when you change the biome it also adds stuff that is naturally found in that biome
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    This features are in my TODO-list....
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    • 1. "Original" biome support (ability to turn changed biomes back to original values). Use /wm set original [radius], /wm replace <biome> original, /wm biome original to set the original biome types.
    • 2. Ability to change disable snow- and ice-forming in specified cold biomes. Added commands /wm cfg nosnow [biome1,biome2..] and /wm cfg noice [biome1,biome2..]
    How to turn back to original biomes

    If you need to set back an original biomes at defined area, you can use "original" biome type with commands /wm set, /wm replace, /wm biome (and use wand to change biomes). Command /wm replace <biome1> <biome2> supporting "original" only as second parameter (<biome2>).
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    I cant figure out how to change it to a snowy biome, house is on a lake and i want to make the water freeze.
    Any help?
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    thank you very much, this is the third pluggin ive tried for these results with no previous success but finally this oneworks :D x
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    You can select area with WorldEdit wand, and type /wm set taiga. It will change selected rectangle to biome taiga.
    And you can use "wand mode":
    1. type /wm biome taiga (or other snow biome)
    2. type /wm radius 10 (or other value)
    3. type /wm wand
    Than when you right-click holding wand in hand (Ghast tear by default, id - 370) you'll shoot a snowball which will change biome to taiga around target location.

    When storm starts in world water will freeze and snow will cover the ground.

    Thank you )

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    Awesome plugin! Thank you very much! =)
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    Alesana, thank you :)

    • Bypassed craftbukkit's issue: when changing biomes at large areas some chunks was not saved automatically when server stopped.
    Download link

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    Very useful and handy plugin!

    I just would like an option to set a "newgen"-Biome or similar, so that every newly generated chunk of the world will by then be generated as the set biome (and of course an option to set that "newgen"-Biome back to "default" ;) )^^
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    Foerster44, Thank you!
    I'm planning (re)generating features, but not sure when I'll be able to implement it in plugin.

    New translation:
    French (Français) - 50toto50. Thank you very much, 50toto50!

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    You get my thumbs up friend :D , very nice plugin you have here but just one question if uninstall this plugin will the Biomes stay the same ? as i don't have room for any more plugins
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    x_sam_boi_x, thank you )

    Yes you can remove WeatherMan after finishing your work with biomes. Biomes are stored in map data and nothing will be lost after removing WeahterMan.
    Only one feature will be gone: ability to change biomes in area using a sign powered by redstone.
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    I really like the idea of this plugin, however I can't seem to get it to work how I'd expect it to..

    In your video, you show that using the wand tool, you can change a swamp biome to a forest biome and back to swamp again.. and in the video the ground changes from grass, to swamp, and back to grass again.

    What I'm trying to do is change desert to forest, changing the sand to grass, but for the life of me I can't figure out how! every time I shoot the sand it just stays as sand, even though the plugin tells me that it's now a forest biome :(
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    Hello, WeatherMan did not regenerates area with new biome. It not possible yet. When you see that grass changes to swamp you see that only color of grass block changes because now it locating in new biome. If you change plains (or forest) to desert you will not see sand, but you will see that grass is more "yellow" now.

    So if you need to create a real desert in place where was located grass you must use not only WeatherMan: you need to use editing plugin like WorldEdit or VoxelSniper.
    I'm going to include area modification bounded to biome changing, but I can not predicate when it will be done...
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    New video. Demonstrating control signs.

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    Greate plugin! I appreciate all your hardwork!
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    it wont work when i set an area to mushroom biome. the grass just turns bright green :( but great plugin :)
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    nice, this should save mt jungle tree village from the swamp land!

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