[EDIT/FUN/SEC] VoxelSniper v5.019 - Flexible Long-Range In-Game Map Editor [BukkitDev]

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    Voxel Box

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    Everythings working perfectly however, I'm wondering if it's possible to somehow place layers of vines against blocks?
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    Voxel Box

    That is the quick fix.
    /b vdf (Voxel disk face)
    Here's your reply from developer Gavjenks: These are intentionally left out of undo. Scanning to check for chests, etc. is extra work for the server that will slow down ALL types of undos, even normal ones that have no chests. Since on the voxelbox, chest contents aren't very important, we decided to go for speed and sacrifice chest contents in undo. Redstone and pistons should already work, however... I believe that is a bug, and don't know why they wouldn't function correctly in undo.
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    Just got done playing with it (after beating my head against a wall on VoxelPort)
    And I'm in love.
    Worldedit + VoxelSniper = badass beyond imagining. Plus creating remote balls of lava is a great way to relieve stress when people start getting annoying.
    Thank you for this awesome plugin, and everyone involved in it!
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    Voxel Box

    Glad you like it :)

    It's all thanks to przerwap and the fellow VoxelPlugineers!
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    is this for 1.8 ?
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    Working on build 1185 for me here :D
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    Voxel Box

    Should work -- you just need to add the item ids for the new 1.8 items into the items.txt.
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    how can I clear out trees in large quantity, commands from tutorial dont work anymore
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    Voxel Box

    /b b mm
    /vr 17
    /v 0

    Clear out that, then do:
    /vr 18
    To get that blocktype too.

    Or, you could do:
    /b erase
    But this will clear anything except dirt, stone, grass, and sand.
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    First of all, thank you for this amazing mod. I've seen it in action over on OMFGcata the past few months, and [very] recently started using it on our own little server. There are a few things I would like to see added, if you don't mind me bringing them up.
    First, just two possible bugs.

    • The voxel disc face brush (and disc face?) are supposed to create a vertical wall, if I understand correctly. However, this only happens when you aim it at the side of a block. If you aim it at the top of a block, you create a horizontal voxel disc (or disc?). I assume this is not intended behaviour.
    • In 1.8, the ink tool seems broken. At least, I had problems using it with the set brush, and could only place items with subID zero. I could set it to any number, but it didn't actually work. Both for placing and replacing.

    Now, on to suggestions. I consider the ones at the top more important.
    • Hollow rings and additional options for discs. For the main brushes (“Sized Brushes”), it would be nice to be able to hollow out and off-set the center, as well as setting a height. Off-set (like /vc (centroid) for x- and z-axes, so /vx and /vz?) and height (/vh) are pretty self-explanatory, I think, as they are used for other brushes. By hollow out, I mean being able to set a size, lower than the brush size, where all blocks can be ignored.
    For example: If I have a ring of wool with radius 10, and I want a ring of wool with radius 15 and the same center, I currently have to make a ring out of a random material (not wool) at 15, then replace that same material in a radius of 14 with air, then replace it again with wool in a radius of 15. It would be nice to just be able to set a brush size 15, and an ignore-radius of 14 (or lower) to create the same result in one go. It seems a lot more efficient, and hopefully also less server-intensive, though I don't know if the ring-calculation causes most of that intensity.​

    • Also for the main brushes, ability to set an affected angle, or something that serves a similar function. In our recent build, we used very large discs, but only 1/4 of them. In other words, 90 degree discs. These were achieved by making large discs, then removing the unwanted parts with a set brush in three quick takes. This went well because we were working up in the air, and the 1/4 we wanted to keep was a straight cut-off, and not e.g. north west.
    More details: The idea seems very possible with few parameters. Set a 0 degree direction, say east, and two variables for angles. So making a disc with angles 45 and 135 degrees would place blocks only on the 90 degrees between north east and north west. Angles 135 and 45 would place blocks only on the 270 degrees between north west and north east.​

    • Wall-collision, especially for the set brush. Sometimes, the replace option is not good enough to get a job done quickly. Imagine a square room with a diagonal (or curved) wall splitting it. Both rooms have the same material for flooring. Say I want a different floor in one of the rooms, I now have a slightly tiresome editing job ahead of me. With wall-collision on, the brush could detect whenever there's a block appearing on the plane above the first point, and only apply changes within this block, making it possible to do the entire floor in one action.
    A simpler alternative to this is just a “Paint Bucket” tool, changing every block on a plane until it hits any block higher or lower than the selected point. Allowing to paint with the clone stamp would also be a dream (for tiled and patterned floors). Though I would prefer a more advanced incorporation in the set brush (also with clone stamp).​
    • Extend brush. An ability to extend a type of block a certain length in any direction. I imagine a selection tool similar to the set brush. Say you have a diagonal line of wool, and you select the square surrounding it with the extend brush. Set sizes to extend, and I consider the y-axis to be most important if x- and z-axes are infeasible, then perform the extension by using gunpowder when everything is ready. For the sake of examples, let's say you extended the diagonal line +10y. You now have an 11 block tall wall, with the bottom line being the initial line of wool.
    • Undo a specific action. The undo system supports up to 20 recent actions, but they have to be undone in the same reverse order as they were executed. Sometimes, it is useful to use a dummy-action in order to perform a more complex action afterwards. The ability to undo the first action only would be great. I don't really expect to see this though, as I expect some severe technical difficulties, since even the best image editors don't have this feature. It doesn't sound entirely impossible though. Wikipedia, for instance, can quickly compare any two page states, but I suspect it's much easier to do with a bit of text rather than complex image editing.
    • Patterned line tool. I.e. stippled lines. In short, a parameter for “dot” length(?) and one for ignore length. So you could set a stippled line of wool, with dot length 4 and ignore length 1, and the line would place ~4 blocks with nothing every ~1 block in between. It would have to be based on approximate lengths, as various diagonal lines are a bit more complex than straight lines.

    Keep in mind that I haven't used the mod a whole lot up until now, so if any of these already exist in some form, I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm loving this powerful tool so far. Hope you don't mind long posts; I tried to make it easily browsable. I would be happy if the devs at least take a look at these suggestions, even if they don't get implemented for various reasons.

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    -_____- why did youu have to change it?!
    How do I use it now, the video shows nothing that I need. When i use the arrow or gunpowder it picks the block that i'm aiming at, how do I get it to a normal brush that can place stuff? If anyone can help, i'll check my email([email protected]) quite often but replying to this could be okay.
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    Yeah I don't get it either now. EVERY command I type this message comes up
    "Example: /b 5 -- sets a brush" Etc etc..... EVERY TIME ITS SO ABNNONGSDIHUYYYYYJYHJN :(
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    Should undo work with the drain brush? It isn't specifically mentioned that it does not, and it echoes back that it has restored x number of blocks, but it doesn't seem to actually happen...I tried reconnecting as well to see if it was that client/server thing but the water still wasn't back.
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    Please refrain from using all caps and lots of exclamation points. Anyways, it's on the wiki so people hopefully don't just download then post for help when they haven't even read the documentation.
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    Someone help. I cant get anyhing to work....

    EVERY command I type this message comes up
    "Example: /b 5 -- sets a brush" Etc etc.....

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    The quick delete isnt working... I loved that ability :(:( please fix? Or tell me if I am doing something wrong. I crouch, and right click a block with gunpowder, and it says something along the lines of "Replacement variable set to 0"..
  19. On the tutorial it says it will show on my cmd that voxel is making folders/documents. When i go to my plugins folder, nothing happens. What's going on?
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    Voxel Box

    Huh? You should use /b s to snipe in normal materials (blocks are set with /v). See the VoxelWiki for full documentation.
    Make sure you're installing VoxelSniper right, and adding your name to Snipers.txt. http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper#Installation_and_Permissions_Instructions
    Hmm... it should undo. Have you tried undo'ing multiple times?
    Make sure you're installing VoxelSniper right, and adding your name to Snipers.txt. http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper#Installation_and_Permissions_Instructions
    Make sure you're installing VoxelSniper right, and adding your name to Snipers.txt. http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper#Installation_and_Permissions_Instructions
    That was switched out, so now snipers can right-click with the slimeball in hand to quick delete. VoxelDoop takes advantage of the slimeball for paintings, if you are wondering why we picked the slimeball.
    Make sure you're installing VoxelSniper right, and adding your name to Snipers.txt. http://www.voxelwiki.com/minecraft/VoxelSniper#Installation_and_Permissions_Instructions
    Also, make sure you ran your server once with VoxelSniper in the /plugins folder.
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    I just would like to say thank you so much for this plugin. It has been a great help for me and staff.
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    Thanks!! That worked!!! :):)
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    Oh... wow.. I'm retarded. THANKS SO MUCH!
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    Voxel Box

    Glad I could assist all you (and that you're loving the plugin)! It's all thanks to przerwap and his team of awesome programmers!
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    Is there Superperms support planned? It would be awesome to have, including abilities to set like the max brush size using a permissions node or setting snipers per world.

    You just do "PluginManager.addPermission(new Permission("voxelsniper.snipe"));" in the onEnable part, and "Player.hasPermission("voxelsniper.snipe");" in the part where you process the command. If you do that, your plugin will immediately support PermissionsEx, bPermissions, PermissionsBukkit and more.
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    Voxel Box

    Probably not, but we'll see what happens in the future.
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    is there gonna come a update for voxel sniper
    by some reason i cant use replace bruch.
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    So to get that right: The new version is in developement and you could also use this version for the current build, if you change the item ids, right?

    Anyone willing to send me that file? if so, please send me a PM.
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    Voxel Box

    /b b mm is replace. Material -> Material
    Just add it in, it tells you how to in the file.

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