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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Voxel Box, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Voxel Box

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    GREAT plugin!

    Question: Everything is working fine except...
    When I crouch and right click, I get a chat message saying that the voxel has been changed to the block type that I am currently looking at. But, when I then right click with the arrow (while standing, not crouching), the block type used by the snipe brush has not changed. Only by using the /v # command can I change the block type used with the snipe brush.

    Am I missing something here? My understanding is that I can quickly change the snipe block type by crouching and right clicking but that does not seem to be the case.

    My snipers.txt file has my user name in it and my items.txt file exists.
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    I believe crouching + left clicking changes your normal snipe blocks, right clicking changes the block it replaces in the replace mode
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    Work for 818 ?
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    you could try worldedit single player commands
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    You are correct. Thanks!
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    Looking for a way to chance the IDs for the tools. Arrow is already being used in another addon im using.
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    And what on earth would that be.
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    Yes I am aware that I can alter the configuration and change the tool used. However, I am looking for a way to change the tool voxel sniper uses. Not a work around.

    Temporarily, I have disabled Hookshot so I could create my continents. However, I am still looking for a way to change voxelsniper's tools. It would also be nice if they supported Permissions or Group Manager but thats not the point. Im going to bring the server down on Thursday to do some maintenance. I will probably end up rewriting the Moderator and Admin group so they don't inherit from Players who are currently allowed to use hookshot. I was just looking for a way to change the tool used so I wouldn't have to do that.
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    You and the voxel team have given me so much. Once I am done with my continents and landmarks, expect a big donation. I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to truly form the world I imagined without having to do it by hand. Expect my continuous support of this amazing tool and a donation in the future.
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    Way to beat around the bush, Palin. Just change the config in Hookshot. Problem solved. Because you can't change the sniper tools.
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    It is impossible for me to use this tool everytime i type in those commands it gives me examples like
    /b s
    b select-radios .....

    please help :)
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    You can make one of those on my server if you want. :D

    Hi I have a request and I have been requesting this for a long time. I just has not been replied too yet.
    A command aliases for /v please, I have other plugins that I want that collide with this plugin. Vampire.

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    Yes it has, actually, I saw it get replied to a while back. How would you make an alias for a 1 letter command? Vampire should be the one without a /v alias, as you don't even use that command that often that you need an alias for it.
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    You know what would be great, if I could actually access the wiki instead of being 404'd.
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    You know what would be great, if you actually used google to access a cached copy instead of coming here and bitchin'
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    Voxel Box

    I've put VS through its paces with the Bukkit #860 and everything looks like it's working to me.

    For tutorial hounds, here's a new VoxelSniper video with several of the developers covering some of the newer features:
    * range restriction sniping
    * blob brushes
    * more erosion-smooth and erosion-fill uses
    * blend brushes
    * random-erosion brush
    * shell brushes

    Part 2 will cover more on blend brushes, line and splatter brushes techniques. I'll get it up and around when I have time to do some editing.

    "You know what would be great," if you could not expect the wiki to be up just because you're ready to look at it this very second. It's up as often as our tin cans and string can keep it up. As a better man than you or I will ever be once put it:

    "Life does not stop and start at your convenience, you miserable piece of shit."

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    Can you list all the brushes and tools you use, cause i want to make a kit thanks :D Not what there called like the ink brush and stuff but what actual item you use eg.arrow
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    I have a VERY annoying bug. Not sure if it's a conflicting plugin though.

    When I do /v blockId (replace the blockId with any number) and it gives me: Invalid Item ID. D:<
    Any ideas?
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    Oh yea, it's a LONG list, be ready to write this down:


    Whoo, works up a sweat, huh?
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    The items behave differently depending on the function you assign them.
    Take a look at their wiki, everything is explained in great detail there:

    This link is also in the first post. ;)
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    is there a tool that allows me to ad a layer on a landscape or a wall without disrupting the form of the landscape?

    i mean if i have a wall that turns and i want to ad one layer of blocks on it without destroying the form of the wall.

    how can i do this best?
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    Having some troubles. Every command I make appears as if I'm making an about command. It basically gives examples every time I try and make a command
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    Use the Voxel Disk Face brush (/b vdf), pick your brush size (probably should measure the existing wall first and choose accordingly), then use the GUNPOWDER tool on a vertical face of a block on the wall. The block face you target CANNOT be horizontal, or you will screw up.
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    There is a file called "snipers.txt" which needs to be in the "\plugin" Folder and has to contain your name (also case sensitive I think).
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    I've been using VoxelSniper for a long time and It's absolutely a MUST when it comes to terraforming. I've been able to make lakes of lava, gigantic mountains and fill entire oceans with sand and landscape before but now on the same server it start lagging tremendously whenever i start to do medium / large scale terraforming. Manipulating lava in any way shape or form allmost is an instant lagfest. I Can't level out oceans anymore... Heck i can't make two brush 20 disks of sand without my server getting "overloaded"
    Why is this happening all of a sudden?
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    i got some questions about the mod becouse i cant get the stuff or dont know the item id and if i do the commands with the arrow i get Example:.... the rest pls help me
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    Look at my previous post. You seem to have the same problem I've described there.

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