Inactive [EDIT/FUN/MECH] TreeFall v1 - Destroy the bottom log of a tee, and watch it fall down! [1.3 R0.1]

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    TreeFall <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    What is it?
    Treefall is a great, fast, and simple plugin. You destroy the bottom log of a tree, and it all comes crashing down. This has been done before, but all plugins that do this are not working, but this one works :D. It also includes a leaf pruning mech, so that you don't have to destroy the leaves!

    How do I use it?
    It's as simple as drag-and-drop the treefall.jar into your plugins folder, and start the server! Just destroy the bottom log of a tree, and watch the whole tree collapse before you! Want this to be a donator perk? Dont worry, see bellow for permissions :).

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    Uh, one works: TreeAssist
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    did you use the tutorial on the dev portal?
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    Tutorial for what?
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    making a "drop tree" type plugin.
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    Didn't even know there was one. Nope, I made this all by myself :D.
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    :/ works bad. If you place some wood over each other and destroy the lowest, all blocks become destroied!
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    Well... that's the point of the plugin, for trees.. I think I'll add somethign where you can turn it off.
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    Updated to R3.0 ;).
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    Does this also destroy user placed tree blocks and wooden houses and buildings and structures?
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    I don't belive so :).
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    dillyg10 Missing version in thread title
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    Why do I get this message when I cut trees?


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