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    Labyrinth - Create generic random labyrinths (mazes):
    Version: v0.1
    Download: Download latest version here

    This plugin is still work in progress. I release it to get your opinions about it and further suggestions.

    The idea about it

    It should become a little in-game-game. Server admins should be able to define an area (placeholder) for the labyrinth. Then up to 4 (maybe more, depends on the size of the labyrinth) can start a game to compete with each other. When the players are ready, a random labyrinth gets spawned in the admin-defined area. Players can then go traversing it to find treasures/chests, fight mobs (or each other), evade traps or reach the center or finding the exit as fast as possible...whatever... Anything that makes fun. ;)

    Suggestions are welcome! I will add them to the planned features if i find them usefull.
    But please have a look at the upcoming-feature-list first if your feature suggestion is already mentioned.

    2011-05-16_01.10.11.jpg 2011-05-16_01.10.18.jpg 2011-05-16_01.11.17.jpg 2011-05-16_01.11.53.jpg

    See it in action:

    Here is another video of creating a bigger labyrinth:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Features:
    • Create (and rollback) random labyrinths of dynamic size
    • Permission support (but not required!)
    Upcoming Features:

    • Defining entries/exits
    • Grief protection
    • Escape protection *evil*
    • Persistance
    • In-Game functionality (generic chests, doors, mobs, traps, fake exits etc.)
    • More detailed permission nodes
    • Improving constructing algorithm
    • Improving torch distribution
    • Customization (complexity, materials, height, roof etc.)
    • Configuration options
    • Artifacts (rooms, water places)
    • Template or seed support
    • Polygonal mantles
    • Multi-Level labyrinths
    • Hypermazes (3D labyrinths)
    • Implementing different constructing algorithms
    How to use

    It's easy!
    1. Use the /labybounds commands to define the bounds of your labyrinth.
    2. Then create it with /labyconstruct
    3. If you like to remove the latest created labyrinth and restore the previous terrain, use the /labyrollback command
    Warning: Rollback is currently only possible for the LATEST created labyrinth and only if you didn't reload your plugin manager or restart your server!

    • /labybounds
      • Punch then a block for defining the first corner of your labyrinth
      • Punch then a second block for defining the second corner
      • The distance between the two corners defines the diagonal of the labyrinth
      • When defining the corners, the Y-coordinate (elevation) from the first corner is used for both position
    • /labyconstruct [height]
      • Creates the labyrinth between the two positions you defined before
      • height = (optional) The height of the labyrinth exclusive the floor and the ceiling, can be between 2 and 5. Default is 2.
    • /labyrollback
      • Removes the latest labyrinth and restores the previous terrain

    Just Copy Labyrinth.jar in your plugin directory and reload your server or plugin manager.


    There is NO configuration needed or possible yet. I will add some options later.


    Permission nodes for Permissions plugin by TheYeti.
    Last tested version: v3.1.4
    • labyrinth.*
      • Allows everthing
    If Permissions is not installed, fallback to ops.txt is used!

    Known Bugs
    • Torches remain laying on the floor when rolling back a labyrinth
    • StackOverflowError when bounds are to big. Don't push it to hard man! :p Or adjust your JVM option -Xss

    Version 0.1 (May 16, 2011)
    • Initial release
    Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!

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    Wow. This is so great. When is the update?? :D
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    I won't give it up ;)
    Update comes soon
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    ahhh still 0.1 :(
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    any progress made on this? it looks awesome.
  6. hey love this plugin works wounders on my server just wondered on an ETA on protection on the blocks dont mind addin the rest myself
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    This plugin is great! But i think it gets updated to rarley, but i guess it is hard to code this, but Good job! I cant wait for auto enterance, chest, anti griefing and escaping *Moahahahahha*, and all improvements. Hope i hear more from this plugin soon, and an update! :D
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    cool maybe i could create a adventure cave with this :D
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    This is an excellent plugin!
    I just tried it out and the only bug I found (which is already known) is the torch issue.

    Thankyou for a great plugin!
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    "Hypermazes (3D labyrinths)"

    that would be so damn great! We built a pyramide. This would be the perfect thing inside the pyramide.
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    Multifloor would make these soooo cool!
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    this has potensial
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    Just a question. I have recently generated a maze but currently I can't find the entrance! Is their one (which i didn't see) or are we supposed to break a hole in the wall and start? (I have to admit I don't think thats it)
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    This is an amazing plugin :D
    The 100x100 maze I was planning which i estimated would take over a day straight to make has taken me 10 seconds with your plugin! This is amazing man keep up the good work!!!
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    these mazes are WAY to easy, you need to add a difficulty option so that mazes can be hard, easy, or medium, or simply make the algorithim make them harder then they currently are. the way they are made, you simply point urself in the right direction and walk that way, and ull always make it. the walls are never farther then 5 blocks long, so its really not that good. so yea, if u can do that, please, cause it would make this plugin alot better.
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    @Imm0rt41 As you can read in the Upcoming Features list the complexity will be able to change. The current version is just a prototype. But thanks for your input ;)
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    i found an easy way to make it harder actually. 1. dont put the exit on the wall. 2. stack them on top of each other :D

    you should also add the ability to add mobspawners and treasure. and an economy function for a payoff for getting outside the maze.

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  21. it works with CB#1060 but i need the Update with die Hypermaze 3D ^^ When comes the new version out?
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    Epic Plugin! Although more torches would be great. I just make my own entrances/exits. Seems to work. :D
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    @_skyler_ Update please! Really want some of the newer features!
    (If I donate will you update faster? :p)
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    Skyler, you still arround? I hope there will be an update soon. ;)
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    please update this. or at least confirm it to work with the latest CB build
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    It does ;)
    Struggling with bukkits persistance layer eBean. It's not behaving correctly to the JPA standards. Trying to release a proper version with additional features with the Minecraft release in november.
    Thanks for your patience, folks! ;)
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    sounds good, ill be waiting lol

    oh and thanks for updating the title
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    thanks so much i love things that are usually complicated mad easy thanks keep up the awsome work
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    How about circular ones?
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    ok a bit of a issue with this.. i can create a labyrinth but i cant roll back. it gives me a internal error thing. could this be a conflict with another plugin or just cause i run bukkit 1337 ?
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    Is there any chance youcan set this mod up to do any of the following?

    Have a setting that randomly spawns a labyrinth in the world
    Set a timer that randomly spawns a labyrinth every so often
    Tell players a labyrinth has spawned in the world
    Make the blocks undestroyable while the labyrinth is active
    have a button at the end that when pressed teleports all the users inside the labyrinth outside of it, and despawns the labyrinth.

    These are just some of thefeatures I would look for as a server admin and was wondering if these kinds of things are possible.

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