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    Labyrinth - Create generic random labyrinths (mazes):
    Version: v0.1
    Download: Download latest version here

    This plugin is still work in progress. I release it to get your opinions about it and further suggestions.

    The idea about it

    It should become a little in-game-game. Server admins should be able to define an area (placeholder) for the labyrinth. Then up to 4 (maybe more, depends on the size of the labyrinth) can start a game to compete with each other. When the players are ready, a random labyrinth gets spawned in the admin-defined area. Players can then go traversing it to find treasures/chests, fight mobs (or each other), evade traps or reach the center or finding the exit as fast as possible...whatever... Anything that makes fun. ;)

    Suggestions are welcome! I will add them to the planned features if i find them usefull.
    But please have a look at the upcoming-feature-list first if your feature suggestion is already mentioned.

    2011-05-16_01.10.11.jpg 2011-05-16_01.10.18.jpg 2011-05-16_01.11.17.jpg 2011-05-16_01.11.53.jpg

    See it in action:

    Here is another video of creating a bigger labyrinth:
    Show Spoiler

    Current Features:
    • Create (and rollback) random labyrinths of dynamic size
    • Permission support (but not required!)
    Upcoming Features:

    • Defining entries/exits
    • Grief protection
    • Escape protection *evil*
    • Persistance
    • In-Game functionality (generic chests, doors, mobs, traps, fake exits etc.)
    • More detailed permission nodes
    • Improving constructing algorithm
    • Improving torch distribution
    • Customization (complexity, materials, height, roof etc.)
    • Configuration options
    • Artifacts (rooms, water places)
    • Template or seed support
    • Polygonal mantles
    • Multi-Level labyrinths
    • Hypermazes (3D labyrinths)
    • Implementing different constructing algorithms
    How to use

    It's easy!
    1. Use the /labybounds commands to define the bounds of your labyrinth.
    2. Then create it with /labyconstruct
    3. If you like to remove the latest created labyrinth and restore the previous terrain, use the /labyrollback command
    Warning: Rollback is currently only possible for the LATEST created labyrinth and only if you didn't reload your plugin manager or restart your server!

    • /labybounds
      • Punch then a block for defining the first corner of your labyrinth
      • Punch then a second block for defining the second corner
      • The distance between the two corners defines the diagonal of the labyrinth
      • When defining the corners, the Y-coordinate (elevation) from the first corner is used for both position
    • /labyconstruct [height]
      • Creates the labyrinth between the two positions you defined before
      • height = (optional) The height of the labyrinth exclusive the floor and the ceiling, can be between 2 and 5. Default is 2.
    • /labyrollback
      • Removes the latest labyrinth and restores the previous terrain

    Just Copy Labyrinth.jar in your plugin directory and reload your server or plugin manager.


    There is NO configuration needed or possible yet. I will add some options later.


    Permission nodes for Permissions plugin by TheYeti.
    Last tested version: v3.1.4
    • labyrinth.*
      • Allows everthing
    If Permissions is not installed, fallback to ops.txt is used!

    Known Bugs
    • Torches remain laying on the floor when rolling back a labyrinth
    • StackOverflowError when bounds are to big. Don't push it to hard man! :p Or adjust your JVM option -Xss

    Version 0.1 (May 16, 2011)
    • Initial release
    Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!

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    nice idea!
    and a nice plugin, it works on my server and the people there love it!
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    Very nice Idea! A few people on my server have been wanting to make labyrinths and this is the perfect plugin for that.

    Keep up the good work :D

    EDIT: When you do /labyrollback it gets rid of the mossy's and glass fine but leaves the torches just floating on the ground.
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    Appreciate your comment :)

    Torches: Yea, i know. :confused: Will try to figure it out.
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    Could add more configurations, like what materiel the labyrinth is made of, the heigh it can go... etc?
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    Awesome !!! And lot of ideas for the evolution of this plugin :)
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    I have something like this on my server - its a labyrinth I downloaded off of MCSchematics and now use as a jail for bad players. They already can never escape (hell, even I can't) so maybe just to annoy them more I could make it so the jail is never the same...that possible with this?
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    This is truely awesome! Can't wait to change the Laby materials!
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    Just made a 5 level laby with this. It works fine!
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    really nice idea, plugin installed :) thanx very much.
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    Wow, this is such a great idea, I am most anxious to test it out!
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    Yes chests and stuff are planned part of the in-game instances of the labyrinth-game.
    But i like the "keys" idea aswell! Going to think about it ;)
    You mean finding a key first at one corner of the maze to open a chest at the other end? Maybe i'll also add mechanics with levers and doors. Btw Notch has added trapdoors as far as i know to 1.6 :D

    I will also improve the generation algorithm which is currently self developped. It's a recursive algorithm means that the JVM default stack size will get explode at a certain size of the maze. I already thought about implementing several generation algorithms but i'll append these to the end of my todo list. Oh and thanks for the links. Generating mazes is kind of brainfuck :p But it i like that.

    Currently not. The current version (v0.1) is kind of a prototype. But it will be later possible to define a placeholder for a labyrinth that will get randomly generated on a certain trigger. However you may place a static labyrinth with the current state of the plugin and then protect it with a world pretection plugin or that jail plugin you are using.

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    with the "keys" thing was more of a use of redtone items, like a lever or button gets placed on a wall somewere to like open an iron door to a chest and that would have a reward with anouther "key" and depending on the size would depend on how meny thay are but heres that catch (GET READY!) one the button or lever is used the iron door stays open BUT that "key" would dissaper!!! and once the maze was completed it would auto reset some how. OH I CAN HAVE FUN WITH THIS! here some more wile im half aleep and my mine is on fire.

    the "maze" would change around at a pre-set intervial like in the movie. but would not spawn a block on a player.
    also have a command /labyconstruct <height> <levels> <amount> this would make diffrent floors at the build hight per floor with the set amount of floors >=P

    oh yes this is just a start i can get nasty with some thing like this! i did test it made a 3 floor 20X40 with 3 blocks for head room it took me and 2 outhers like an hour to get thro it lol and i added a sind entrance ladders between floors (1st floor go to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd , 1st to 2nd, 2nd 3rd, then 3rd to a simi-hidden ladder to under the first floor exit door)

    ill see if i can make my ideas in one maze useing ur plugin to make it of corse ill just add in the extras
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    Yes that is what i mean. I will implement such things ;)

    You want kind of a hypermaze ;) I also thought about that, but i will stay 2-dimensional at first. However i added it to the todo-list.

    Thanks for your input btw ;)
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    any time, any time :)
    you want me to make that hyper maze?
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    No, the plugin will do it for you, but later on ;) Let me first implement the game-mechanics and things... :p
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    ok i shall wait "i guess"
    **sits quietly and playes minecraft waiting**
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    I would love to have like Easy medium hard mm and also like with traps like fire or that you think you have compleat the labyrint and then needs to start over :)
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    looks really cool, can't wait until you get more of the features added into the mazes!
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    Don Redhorse

    looking forward to updates too..
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    would it be difficult to incorporate multi-level weave mazes and configurable path sizes at some point?
    this is already pretty wonderful, looking forward to updates.
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    this can be done err kind of just put one on top of the outher and add ladders in thats what i did any way

    next update can you make it so it dont have to be square?
    maby have a way it can be done with a poly, i.e. mulit points u can tie that part in with world edit to make it easer on you. but yea a poly grod would be EPIC!
    **Evil voice**
    yes a strange shaped labyrinth, with ladders that leed to nowere on a 10 point maze and only one leads out >:)
    **Evil laugh**

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    One of the coolest plugins, I must say. I've been having fun with this one. ^_^
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    Nice idea, i will see what i can do

    You may show it to us? :)

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    2011-05-18_06.30.10.png 2011-05-18_06.30.10.png just thought u may of wanted to see the ver size of whay i have done so far with this,
    theres 5 diffrent areas 4 floors some are under ground and theres falsebook add to this
    mass building only one has finshed (alive) but meny have failed. maby its to hard?

    View attachment 3422 View attachment 3421

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    10/10 This is awesome!Just one suggestion though:

    Maybe implement (for those who can handle it..I know mine cant) Maybe mod spawner? but only limit it to Zombies and Skeletons so the maze isn't affected by mobs like creepers?

    I dont know but hey im looking forward to a new version =P
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    Already on todo ;) Could also be a zombie intelligence testing site :p
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    zombie intelligence testing site <------ROFL LMFAO!

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