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    Hello, this is my first complete Minecraft plugin. It's meant to provide some nice tools for creative mode, making a lot of things more convenient in Minecraft. It has the following commands:

    Replace - Replaces the block you specify with another block that you specify.
    Usage: /treplace [item ID to replace] [item ID to replace with]
    Erase: Erases the block you specify.
    Usage: /terase [item ID]
    Layer: Creates three 3x3 layers of blocks, and you can specify the block type for each layer.
    Usage: /tlayer [top layer item ID] [middle layer item ID] [bottom layer item ID]
    Platform: Creates a platform under you of the specified block.
    Usage: /tplatform [item ID]
    Click-to-Select: Allows the player to select the block for erase mode by clicking on it.
    Usage: /tcts
    Mine - Mines in four directions from the player, to the specified length.
    Usage: /tmine [distance]
    Toggle - Enables/disables the plugin for the player that executes the command. Enabled by default.
    Usage: /ttoggle

    These commands act in proximity to the player that executes them. They all begin with a "t" to prevent conflicts with other plugins, since I'm sure some of these are common commands. Constructive criticism would be amazing, I'm always trying to improve my programming ability, and enjoy programming very much.

    DL link:

    The source code on GitHub:

    Plugin commands for ops:

    Tools - Enables/disables the entire plugin. Disabled by default.
    Usage: /ttools
    Block - Blocks a player from using the plugin.
    Usage: /tblock [player]
    Unblock - Unblocks a player from using the plugin.
    Usage: /tunblock [player]
  2. I'd say you're doing pretty well for that being your first plugin!

    Develop a more standard permissions system. You include what seems like a mini permissions manager into the plugin. Typically, permissions are managed by either Bukkit or by a permissions plugin like bPermissions using permission nodes.

    Great start, and I really look forward to seeing how your future plugins turns out! :D

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