Inactive [EDIT] BlockWalker V1.0.2 - An extremely simple path making plugin [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    Sir Savary

    BlockWalker - An extremely simple path making plugin

    Version: 1.0

    BlockWalker is an extremely easy to use plugin that does one thing; make paths. BlockWalker was meant to be extremely simple, and there is not much I would like to add to it. The reason I want to keep BlockWalker simple, is to avoid plugin/feature/command overload. It's the same reason I avoid feature jammed plugins like essentials.

    * Easy to use
    * Simple install, just drap n'drop, no configuration required
    * No feature overload

    Drag and drop the .jar into your plugins folder, then give the BlockWalker.* permissions to the groups/players that you want to access BlockWalker. If permissions are not in place, it defaults to OP.

    Simply type /blockwalker [BLOCK ID] to use BlockWalker. Wherever you walk, the block you have chosen will be placed beneath your feet. To stop using BlockWalker, type /blockwalker.

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    Download Stats

    Known Issues

    * Implement Tunnel and Sky modes (currently having difficulties figuring out which way the player is facing)
    * Add support for block names, not just IDs (Stone, Grass, Dirt VS 1,2,3)
    * Your suggestions


    Version 1.0.2
    * Verified working on 1.2.3

    Version 1.0.1
    * Tested on CraftBukkit build 1337

    Version 1.0
    * BlockWalker released
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    Is this for OP only? If not adding permissions would be nice. :cool:

    Do you think it would be possible to set a radius of how many blocks are placed? Such as "/blockwalker <ID> <radius>".
    Maybe like this:

    /blockwalker 44 3
    The above would lay double slabs within a 3 radius of where I'm talking, so it would make a path that is 3 wide.
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    Sir Savary

    Forgot to add permissions to post, one sec. Radius is not likely, as this was just meant to be a VERY simple path making plugin.

    It's my first plugin, take it easy :)
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    Alright, cool [cake]
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    Sure :>
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    Sir Savary

    Thanks :)
    Expect something much cooler from me soon, I'm working on something called "DeepFreeze" at the moment.
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    Sir Savary


    Guess I better update it for 1337 now :D
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    Nice plugin.
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    This plugin is much more convenient than the common way of editing in multiple roads one little section at a time, and will be very handy in the future when I am ready to expand upon the borders of my server :) Although it is a very nice plugin, I do indeed have a few recommendations even though you are probably busy and want to keep this plugin light weighted and simple...

    -The first recommendation is to add a built in speed editor for the player using the Blockwalker plugin, as to make creating the road faster and even more easy by increasing their running/walking speeds... (NOTE: If you do not feel up to adding this to your plugin, might I suggest adding a link to a plugin that can help players individually add additional speed to one specific player to help expand upon the both useful and recreational purposes of your plugin?)

    -Secondly, if possible, could you selectively make this plugin to allow someone to walk in a set straight line when the plugin is activated, such as in a config file set a line that says

    STRAIGHT_LINE: true/false (ingame configuration for this would also be nice :p)

    Or however you feel like doing that would be nice, because with making roads is the annoyance of occasionally, or possibly rarely veering off of your desired path and creating a run off on the trail which you will later have to go back and repair. The reason for making the straight trail selective is that sometimes a player may wish to make a more naturalized looking trail, rather than a perfectly straight and seemingly urbanized road system.

    Thank you for reading my suggestions and please respond :)

    EDIT: yes, that would be nice ^_^ thankyou
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    Sir Savary


    I can definitely add in a speed booster, using spout. A straight line option would be harder. I can't force the client to walk in a straight line, but I could write a simple algorithm that checks to see if the players rotation has changed, if it has, then they're turning; if it hasn't, correct their path.
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    Hey look this plugin has my name in it :D
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    Sir Savary

    What? That's rather vague.
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    BlockWalker .... WalkerCrouse

    Get it now?
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    Sir Savary

    OH, I thought you meant I stole your code! Aha.
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    would a feature to add stairs as you walk be possible?
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    Sir Savary

    That's possible, and I like the idea. Like, you walk, it places a stair block and it keeps going up, thereby making stairs?
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    make a command like (and i recommend an alias like /bw :p) /blockwalker [ID] stairs [up/down] ?
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    it would be cool if when selected the snow layer (78) the snow is one block above the normal block you change, so you have the same effect as the snowgolems?

    and the same effect would be usefull for plants, like flowers, tallgrass, cactus and deadbush
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    love this plugin cut my time in have making my server
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    Sir Savary

    Sorry for the late replies, my alerts never updated! I am going to write some more code right now, lots of cool features suggested! I just need to write code to figure out which way the player is facing, and then much more is possible!

    I am going to add an alias, doing that right now.

    I will add a whitelist of blocks to place on the current layer, good idea, thank you.

    Glad I could help :)
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    No more RedCarpet and Buildwalk place ONLY stone. But, it has radius and can place in air (make bridges, columns...)

    Yes, please, add radius, we could make roads :)
    hey ! why not place railway ?

    i note that we cant use all blocks id. it's not fair. Can't make river or chanel...

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    Deleted user

    The download is down ):
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    Sir Savary

    Arrgh, Sorry I have been absent. Tons of school. HOWEVER, I am off now and can add all the new things I want to add! I will get started tomorrow, after I am done visiting with family. This will include an update to 1597.
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    Sir Savary

    I am finally done with family! I am doing a complete rewrite, and will be adding all the features I have been hinting at, including an auto updater!
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    get an error when downloading[​IMG]

    Error (404)

    We can't find the page you're looking for. Check out our FAQ or forums for help. Or maybe you should try heading home.
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    Sir Savary

    Link fixed, and sorry you guys, I haven't been able to add anything. It's so hard to find time now that I have a job. I'll see what I can do though.
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    Sir Savary

    Plugin abandoned for the time being. Will be revived when I get around too it, currently not a priority on my server (What is was written for).
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    works it for 1.2?

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