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    Hello forum users!

    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: EmeraldEconomy

    What I want: I always thought that there were endless amounts of item-economy plugins out there. As it turns out, there are only a few that are good. Out of these few, there are only one or two that seem to match my requirements. This one plugin, or two if you wish, have a rather unfriendly way of interacting, which made it too complicated and clumsy to use. This is why I am asking someone to make a plugin with those feautures, but in the best way possible according to my requirements.
    As you may have guessed from reading the title and the suggested name, this is a plugin that will focus on item-based economy. The currency will be emeralds, I don't recommend to set this to configurable since I think it'll cause bugging.
    There should be absolutely no banks, ATM's or similar. The currency will be in your inventory or chest at all times.
    Included in this plugin should be a shop system, both admin- and player-shops. I would prefer a system similar to chest-shops, since it's the most easy one to use. So on a sign it should say:
    [Line 1] [Shop] [Line 1]​
    [Line 2] Sell/Buy [Line 2]​
    [Line 3] [Item ID] [Line 3]​
    [Line 4] [Price] [Line 4]​
    The player then has to fill his stock and can wait until someone buys his goods. The will at placement become protected by LWC, so unless you have time it isn't necessary to separately protect the chest. Also, the emeralds the buyer uses to purchase the item(s) should be directly transferred to the seller's inventory. If this is not possible (worst case-scenario), it would be okay to add accounts with the holdings intergrated. However the accounts would need to be set up at first join, and not use any commands except for withdrawal-/balance-/deposition-commands.​
    One of the most important things with this plugin is that it cannot use Vault, since the server I'm setting up already uses another economy plugin for something else.​
    If you have any questions, suggestions or similar, be sure to post right below.

    Ideas for commands:
    None, unless accounts have to be used. If so:

    - /balance (To check your current holdings)

    - /pay [player] [amount] (Send emeralds to someone)

    - /withdraw (Withdraw emeralds from your account)

    - /deposit (Deposit emeralds from your account)

    Ideas for permissions:

    - ee.createshop.player (to set up a player-shop)

    - ee.createshop.admin (to set up an admin-shop)

    - ee.useshop.player (to interact with a player-shop (buy/sell))

    - ee.useshop.admin (to interact with an admin-shop (buy/sell))

    If accounts are used:

    - ee.balance (to check your current holdings)

    - (to pay someone)

    - ee.withdraw (to withdraw money from your account)

    - ee.deposit (to deposit money onto your account)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, don't rush though.

    PS. Plugins that I've already tried: Gringotts, TradeCraft, Hardcash and EmeraldMarket.
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    maybe it is smart to implement a bank account to it, otherwise you can't really count how many emeralds you have (/balance, what is it when you put your emeralds in a chest?)
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    Interesting suggestion.
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    Perhaps check out Gringotts - it seems similar to your suggestion. If you've already looked into it and it doesn't meet your needs might be good to note that in your post so that other people don't suggest it :)
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    I have already tried this. I will note it in my post. :)
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    Hi, in what way does Gringotts not meet your requirements? I currently can't promise much progress on it, but I'd put it on my todo if it seems reasonable.

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