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    I know there are many economy plugins out there. However, I cannot seem to find one that keeps on updating to do the features I am requesting.

    I want a plugin for economy that is able to have sign shops, be very advanced so you can do almost anything with the plugin, be able to rename what the currency is called (example instead of money or dollars it be like, 500 coins, or 500 Death Dollars, etc.), and be able to work with almost any line of other economy plugins that offer extra stuff.

    This would be very helpful if someone could make me or find me this plugin.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Sign shops are mostly build without knowing what economy plugin is used. Loads of plugins out there hook into Vault what act like a bridge between the plugins.
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    I use essentials, and your request sounds like a description of it. Here is the page -> It is also great for chat formatting and many other useful things.

    Unrelated: I was looking at your banner, which is pretty cool, but it doesn't show the ip for long enough, i had to let it cycle through many times to get the ip. I suggest adding another frame identical to the ip one just after it, or extend each frames display time, so people can see it :p
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    I don't think you can rename the currency in essentials however. That is the only problem I am having.

    And yeah I am going to make it longer as soon as I get a hold of my graphic designer.
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    make file called at plugins/essentials
    put currency={0}{1} in it
    replace {0} with your custom currency name, such as
    currency = {1} coins for more info
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