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  1. My goal is to create a server where people can create a business, work with others and play virtual real life. I am using the following plugins:

    CustomScoreboard v1.5.0
    EnjinMinecraftPlugin (for my website)
    Massivecore (fore factions)
    NNSwearFilter V1.0.6
    NeuralNetworkAPI V1.0.4 (comes with NNSwearFilter)
    TerrainClaim v.1.2.5(currently doesnt work)
    iConomyRecreation pre-8.0

    I installed the factions plugin with the hopes of editing it and removing commands so players could use it like this:
    /b create (name)
    /b home (tp to home)
    /b claim (max 2 chunks)

    There are so many files for factions i cant even begin to think of how to edit it, much less integrate it with my terrible YAML skills for ChestCommands... Does anyone know how to solve my problem?
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  3. sorry i must not have specified enough. (btw you can call me bk4k)
    The problem is i cant seem to change what commands are actually executable, (for the factions plugin) and i don't know how to use it with chestcommands plugin to make a good gui for my users.
    I dont want my users to have to type /factions blah blah blah and i dont want them to have to ignore the fact that they can ally people, which does nothing, or war with another "faction" In my case i want everything to be civilized business.
    If you know of a plugin that does this please tell me. Its very hard to edit plugins. P.S. sorry for bad grammar/spelling i am in a rush

    also, timtower why do my messages have to be approved by a moderator? i created an account this morning. Its not like i have any points this is my first ever thread.

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    You are new, new users also need approval.
    I just hit the tahg button, you just have a long name.
    Maybe factions isn't the right plugin for you then.
  5. i think i will use mineconomy. It seems pretty good
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