[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    And everyone else, I setup a fancy new donate button. Click it and support me, thanks!
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    Thanks for the reply. Works now ^-^
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    I tried but I think you may be having an issue with the donate button :)
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    Oh not fatal error! It's fixed now, thanks for you support :D
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    Hey swearword think you could add a way to sell dye's? like bonemeal and other colors including colored wool? I.E make the plugin Decimal value compatible?
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    Ah sweet! Thank you!
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    OK i was looking at your TODO list and me and my admin were thinking of base it off of IRL locations using the plugin "Essentials GEOIP" thing which announces where they are from when they log on. and when buying factor in the shipping with IRL amounts so if someone is selling their cobble for 1$ and live 1 state from you but someone under cuts that guy but lives in aussie your not getting an insanely huge shipping rate. Just our two cents on the shipping idea i would also have to say make it configurable because some people may not like it...
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    I can't just use GEOip, I'd need to use some sort of Map API to compare distances. This is a bit more than I'm willing to do lol. I don't even think I'm going to use the shipping costs because I can't really figure out the specific numbers or percentages. Some servers everyone lives near each other and others its far away.

    As for adding items with metadata this is more important to me. Unfortunately it requires me rewriting most of the plugin so it's going to take some time.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Ah, I found the [insert adverb here] SwearWord, whom I found via a server address on some random forum via a google search... This is quite an interesting plugin. Similar to how DynamicMarket works, but it's a bit different (instead of being stock-like, the payment doesn't come immediately). Or does it work like DynamicMarket? I don't have the time right now to test it...
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    I have no idea what DynamicMarket is. The only part in this that is like "stocks" is the beta invest and exchange functions. Otherwise it's just a shop, when you put things up for sale they're taken from you and when someone buys them you get paid.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    DynamicMarket has been forked, but it still works. It works like supply and demand. If an item is bought a lot, the price is adjusted to go up. Therefore, those who sell can get a lot of money for it. If something is sold a lot (to the shop), then the price goes down. It's highly configurable, and I use it on my server (but not ATM, because my db got corrupted somehow...). But I see the difference, yours works like a central trade area, not as a central shop like DynamicMarket.
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    No it is a central shop. There is no physical part of it. And I don't understand why prices would automatically go up...my plugin allows for players to set the prices. Why simulate supply and demand when players can just DO supply and demand. On my server prices for cobblestone shoot up when someone is building a wall. It's real supply and demand, not fake/forced. In real life prices don't go up automagically right? Someone is consciously changing them due to supply and demand.

    The only part of my plugin that auto-increases prices is the invest and exchange functions. You can establish an item or items to "back" your currency. Players can exchange...say gold ingots for coin and vice versa. As the bank's supply increases and decreases the price fluctuates. I only simulate supply and demand here because there is no human player to physical modify prices.

    This plugin is all about fighting Communism and gaining freedom! PLAYERS make the CHOICES. Give way for the CAPITALIST REVOLUTION IN MINECRAFT!

    *Sits down*
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    The PC Tech Guy

    Agreed. Of course, the only problem with this is that if something is out of stock, it is out of stock. ;) But I see how yours is different. This would be a lot better on larger servers than smaller servers, but I'll see how it goes on mine.
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    ill have to say, I use SwearWord's server all the time, and this is a great plugin, I didnt even know he made all of it haha!
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    hpw do i make a plugin????
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    Such a fantastic plugin! Works like a charm. We had to disable it again though, due to some small things you *might* be able to change/fix? We used the Beta version.

    1. You could still put items up for sale with a negative value, so that the person buying it got the money.
    2. Is there any way you can disable the chat 'spam'? Our chat was full 24/7 with shop messages of people putting things in there. It was really really bad, and disabling it would have helped a lot.
    3. Any way you can add a 'this purchase will cost you xy money' safeguard? We had people abuse the system badly by putting one item for 10 coins and the others for 5000 coins, so that a person buying two of them (did the pricecheck first) sometimes ended up paying huge amounts for a piece of wood. This is our stupid playerbase, but maybe there can be some safeguards installed? Maybe a maximum amount of items you can have for sale per player?

    1+2 would be fantastic, 3 optional.
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    1. This should have been fixed....what's the exact command they're doing to put up negative stock?

    2. Yes I will add an option to disable the chat spam.

    3. I'm not sure how to do this, I have seen a library out there to help devs create question/response plugins but I'm not so sure if it will mesh well with this. Wouldn't /vs price log show them what's going to happen though? Or does your stupid player base not pay attention. There might be a more creative way to solve this problem...I'll think about it.
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    About 1:

    Well, apparently they just did "/vs sell 1 dirt -9000" e.g., and it let them (and let the others buy it). It could have been a glitch of course! I rather believe a dev saying its fixed than a player saying it happend ;) Also someone said something about being able to set prices like "1e+99" making the shop wonky.

    About 2:

    Fantastic! Thanks so much.

    About 3:

    Yes, I am not sure myself. I would have said anything inbetween setting a maximum possible price on items, which ruins the dynamic factor of it all, or a maximum allowed amount of different items you may have in the shop.

    But basically, the plugin is perfect and it just seems like our playerbase isnt mature enough to handle the freedom they get with it. So much for communistic companionship...
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    Well try doing negatives I might have only fixed it for the amount of items.
    As for the 3rd problem there's nothing I can think of for now. Buyer beware? I guess in real life you should research before you buy and it's the same here.
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    Any news on an update where the chat messages can be disabled? <3
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    Grab the latest download it should add a new option in the config and set broadcast=false.
    I didn't want to push a new version until I had more features.
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    What app did you use on the iPad? To code.
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    Hahaha I did it over RDP. So technically I used Windows 7 for iPad. Now you can understand why I'm saying my code is so trashy for this.
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    Wait, are you sure? I dont see a commit on GitHub and the VirtualShopBeta.jar is exactly the same... ;)
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    Haven't committed yet. It's under VirtualShop.jar, I merged the beta features. I haven't updated github because I want to update this post with the new features.
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    Is there anyway to sell, for example, 64 torches, for 1 coin?

    Currently if I do the command " /vs sell 64 torch 1 " it enables other people to buy 1 torch for 1 coin instead of the whole stack of 64 torches for 1 coin.
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    You can't make stack deals.

    You can do /vs sell 64 torch and make the price 1/64th of a coin :p
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    I just tried that.

    I guess that would be a good feature to add.
    Stack selling
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    Oops I'll fix that. Sorry for calling you an idiot.
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    Thanks for the update!

    I will check if I really cannot /shop sell 1 cake -1000 anymore and let you know ;)

    We put it back on the server yesterday with the broadcasts disabled, and immediately it all went smoother, no more idiots spamming chat with diamonds for 10000000000 and wood for 0.00000000000001

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