[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    It would have actually been easier to do MySQL. I didn't SQLite because the database isn't being read constantly, only when someone issues a command. I mean I don't know the details of your server but let me know if it actually causes problems. I wanted to make the plugin accessible to those without MySQL.

    Either way MySQL is planned.

    Oh and also, I made this because I didn't want regions or cuboids. I wanted it to be accessible from everywhere. Localshops is my plugin on steroids, it does region based shops. Try at if you haven't already.
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    I'll give it a shot and let you know how it it performs. Its definitely worth a try! Thanks again for your efforts, and for responding.

    Different request, if you wouldn't mind: make an alternative main command version using /shop as the main command, and also reporting tools or trans logs? Thankee!

    Set up a donate button :)

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    I canĀ“t connect to your Demo Server! Read Time out! :(
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    how do i get iconomy?
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    I have time to work on it today. I'll do the /shop alias first, then it's to add item durability so you can sell colored items, and then I'll do a transaction log.

    You search iConomy in the plugin list and install it.

    Oh man, it looks like I'm going to have to rewrite my whole plugin to work in colored wools, dyes, etc.
    However, I have fixed the bug that lets you sell damaged items.

    Next up transaction logs, will do in the next few days.

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    Would love it if you could add permissions support :)
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    What do you want to restrict exactly?
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    Access to putting items in the virtual shop. Limit it to certain groups or players.
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    I absolutly love this Plugin. Removed the chestshop because I found it was just meh... people were lazy.

    Love this though. Great work.
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    Added the /shop alias.

    Everyone should grab the new version it has a lot of bugfixes.
  12. A Very good built mod but the first time using it it crashed my server but its all good and all my members love it and they hope u can make another plugin in the future by any chance you get thx

    so with you there man i did the same all my player were why its so like long to do that and we have to wast wood and jazz like that

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    Updated with more bugfixes.

    Also includes experimental ./vs log feature. Try it out. Shows 10 most recent transactions. You can do /vs log <playername> as well. Or you can use /shop log if you didn't know.
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    Does this have permissions support? I want to restrict the use of this plugin to only two worlds (world and world_nether) so that players in the creative world can't exploit by putting infinite items into it. As a precaution, I have the creative world disabled for now, but when this gets support for at least per-world restricting via permissions or even the config, then I will re-enable it.

    Also this works really well with DefaultCommands. Set my own alias for various things :)
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    So you're not asking for multiworld support, you're just asking for permissions? Permissions is on the todo list. I think instead of having nodes that ALLOW you to buy/sell I'll just create nodes that disable it so that by default no permissions configuring is required. I hate having to add nodes every time I DL a plugin.

    Is this okay?
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    Yes, I just need it to be able to work for specific worlds. Awesome plugin, almost reminds me of Runescape's Grand Exchange (not that I like that horribly unbalanced excuse of an MMO, because I don't...)
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    Never played it but people have mentioned Grand Exchange to me. On that note....

    Version 1.3 Released!


    Change Log:
    Versions 1.3
    • Fixed a lot of exploits.
    • Fixed negative numbers glitch.
    • Added /vs log
    • Minimal Permissions support.
    VirtualShop.nosell - Prevent player from selling items.
    VirtualShop.nobuy- Prevent player from purchasing items.
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    Thanks. Also, I agree. Too many permissions nodes can be extremely annoying...

    Oh, and now I can't sell items or anything since I have the '*' permission node, and it thus denies me when it checks for the nodes... Is there a way to "blacklist" nodes with Permissions 2.7? I have not upgraded it in a while because I have not had time to redo the config for 3.x. Will do that soon though XD
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    I knew this was going to be a problem. Just give yourself the nodes "-VirtualShop.nosell" and "-VirtualShop.nobuy". That takes away your permission to not buy and not sell if that makes any sense.

    Maybe I should make another two nodes that cancel these two out so if you have both (which you will if you have "*") then you can sell and buy.
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    Ok thanks. Less lines is better for me so I did this:


    As a suggestion, if you put that in the OP then less people might run into this as an issue. Maybe you could also
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    Right, silly me for missing that.
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    This is the perfect plugin my server has been looking for. Downloading now :)
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    Logged onto the server, awesome plugin. Any chance for fancy colors and formatting on text?
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    If you do /vs log then you can see what I have planned for everything. That's the best I can do with formatting. I didn't realize you were visiting from here, I thought you were just some random person asking weird questions.
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    Heheh, yeah, I'm a server owner myself.
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    I implemented the GoldStandard idea. Check out the beta build.
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    [Vitual Shop] You may not sell items.

    My permissions:

    - '*'
    - '-VirtualShop.*'

    Won't work, Help?
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    Strange doesn't seem to work for me either.
    What does work is specifying each of them:
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    BEST SHOP PLUGIN EVAARRR :D thank you so much this was needed!!!

    I have also noticed that permissions won't let me do the - -permissions.node but then again i refuse to use Permissions 3.1.CRAP cause i don't believe there is a way to promote ingame yet... and The Yeti's permissions is still working and is IMHO MUCH MUCH better than the new one... i don't want to have to learn a new format for my permissions because they want to work together... i should probably stop ranting.. :)

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    Same I'm on Yeti's version as well. Mostly out of laziness. TY for you compliments, I was really surprised that a plugin like this didn't exist. In fact I searched for an hour to make sure, it seems so obvious to me.
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    Yeah my server and i love this plugin i didn't like having my money go into oblivion when i bought something or having an infinite amount of items to buy from. :) i think people should be bowing at your will especially since you wrote it on an ipad...Also, the plugin is a little difficult to explain to... "stupid people" more or less people that won't listen maybe a specific help menu explaining what it does and how to use it would help out a bit...

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