[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    Wow. This is cool for a first mod!
    I always wanted a shop mod without chests, but localshops was too complicated. It'd be nice if there was a GUI.
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    Thank you and what do you mean GUI? Like a chest screen popping up?
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    Yeah, like a screen with the items, who's selling it and the price.

    Also, maybe it could have a time limit, like if someone sells and item that isn't purchased in 24 hours, it'll go back to him...... just a suggestion.

    Also, try to keep it simple, not with like 502 commands to remember

    I'll DEFINITELY be downloading this with the two suggestions above, downloading now......
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    Ahh well a true GUI is not possible for a bukkit plugin. I do have plans to pretty up the /vs list command and make it a proper table.

    As for the commands you can always list them with /vs. I know plugins like localshops has like a thousand but I doubt we'll ever go above 5-6 If you can thinks of a way to shorten or combine them let me know.
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    This mod is GREAT. This is exactly what a shop should be.
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    Much appreciated! Incredibly surprised it didn't exist already. I spent more time searching for it than I did making it.

    Let's hope it gets moved to plugin releases soon.
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    Incredible! Testing now
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    Any chance of you posting source???

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    Sure it's stupidly simple. There are bugs however, if you don't have enough money it says "no one is selling x." Pretty much the entire buyitem method has to be rewritten.

    Too lazy to post it on github right now so here's the class file.
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    Do you think it'll be possible so that it can be more of a trade-ish thing?
    Like a person wants to sell one ocbblestone for one log?
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    Love this plugin, simple, neat, and free-market economics is way more fun.

    I do have a suggestion though, would it be worth implementing something similar to the GoldStandard (dynamic gold ingot pricing) plugin? Because although this plugin truly is great, I still remain undecided as to how I am going to introduce iConomy currency into the game without causing inflation. Now, the GoldStandard plugin itself should fill that gap, however, I'd much rather have it all in one plugin, with the simplicity of VirtualShop.

    Regardless of above, thank you for your contribution to making Minecraft even greater!
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    I can think about this and try to implement the idea of "printing money" into this.

    On my server I set up "banks" around town. They just have Essentials Buy and Sell sign that sell and buy an infinite amount of gold. Players can make money either by selling goods to each other OR by selling gold to the bank.

    I do use Towny so I get closer to simulating scarcity by restricting players to mining only on town land. It's not perfect but it seems to work.
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    Yea a global bank more or less, this is what I had in mind:
    /vs exchange <type> <amount> - exchange gold for iConomy dollars or vice versa
    /vs exchange rates - prints current exchange rates
    /vs exchange vault - prints number of gold ingots that the virtual/global "bank" has

    Dynamic pricing basically, using the same formula as the GoldStandard plugin
    <current price> = <base price> - (<ratio>*<# of transactions>)
    I suppose this is however unnecessary given that GoldStandard plugin exists for now.

    I like your use of Towny though, I might just try that!
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    Oh duh I can just integrate the banks into /vs. I can't believe I didn't think of that, I'll work on that this week and throw up a v1.2.

    EDIT: Wait wouldn't that lead the the current price ending up as 0?
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    Ah yes, given that gold is now very cheap again, one could see it as an investment to buy a fair quantity of gold, thus the gold value increases again (with the same ratio used to decrease). The only real problem that I can think of in a hurry is that gold has limited use in Minecraft, and so there may not be enough incentive to want to invest.
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    Thank you VERY much!
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    Why'd you need it?
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    In case you ever get too busy to work on it and a new build breaks everything :D
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    Oh I see. Smart.

    If you have Eclipse setup you should recompile the source and try it. I added a temporary /vs exchange function. It buys paper, gold, and diamond. It's just for testing, I haven't worked in the supply/demand equation yet.
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    Q: Is there a particular reason this depends on iConomy?
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    I made this specifically for my server which uses a lot of iConomy stuff.

    What did you need?
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    Hello. This was a promising plugin but I can't use it for one big exploit. Item Durability is reset giving my players free repairs for items. Please add support for that!

    Also I would like you to pull the currency name from iConomy as my currency is not called 'coins'.
    When you buy an item it says 'by' instead of 'buy'.
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    1. Yeah I haven't worked in metadata yet. This probably won't be fixed for a week.

    2. Will fix coins ASAP. Done

    3. Damn typos. Done

    I added a temporary /vs exchange. It buys gold, diamond and paper by default but you can change it in the configuration. I'll implement the supply demand equation next.

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    Well done mate!. this is very good thanks. mabey you could add a comand were you can see your current money and your sales and buys as a bank statment:D
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    Added item aliases. Accepts friendly names for items now.
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    Appears to be working fine for me :)
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    Latest build let's you configure the items and their price. Item;price,item2;price in the config
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    Nice job, I love the idea of this. Would you opposed to adding mySQL support, and perhaps a flag for allowing regions/cuboids only? I'd love to use this on our high traffic servers, but SQLite isn't sufficient for the amount of traffic it would generate.

    Happy crafting and thanks.

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