[ECON] SpoutTrade v1.4 - Trade items using an in-game GUI [1597]

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  1. I have a question, and a bug.
    The Bug:
    You cannot take items back from the trade window, say you clicked 9 Glowstone and only wanted to trade 5.
    Also, If i just click an item from my inventory, it shows up in the top window, but is still in my inventory

    The Question: What is the bedrock for? :S
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    You can take items back from the trade window by shift clicking them. Unfortunately there isn't a way to split items into smaller stacks at the moment, but I will remedy that in the future. The bedrock is just to show where each players trade areas are split, as for this 'bug', is there an error? Can you pastebin your server log and link it here? Could you describe it in further detail? ~ It works absolutely fine for me.
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    Good plugin, I like where this is going!

    I have a suggestion; however it will most likely require the Spoutcraft Client and so should be optional/configurable.
    To make it easier and quicker for players to trade without commands, how about allowing players to request a trade by right clicking on the player they wish to trade with. Then the other player is notified and can right click the first player t0 accept the trade or just ignore it to deny the trade.
    This will cut down on the number of commands needed for those players who use the Spoutcraft client.

    Additionally, I noticed on your TODO List you wish to improve the trade window for users with the Spoutcraft client, so would you be able to add (I don't know how easy this is to implement or if its possible at all) buttons to the trade window to confirm/cancel the trade - this will completely remove command dependancy for the Spoutcraft users.

    Thanks anyways for a good, high potential plugin!
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    The right clicking's coming in the next release, and it's perfectly possible without the SpoutCraft client. I'm re-coding from the ground up as well as implementing permissions, doubling the size of the trade window, adding a configuration, and range checking, then thoroughly testing for bugs. I expect to be done before the end of this week.:)
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    Look forward to it!
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    Wow, sounds good!
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    Can you add Citizens support?
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    Awesome! im trying to make my server command free for users and this helps so much :D
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    I have successfully installed this awesome plugin, but the trade windows don't work at all : My items are automatically stocked in the trade, and I can't remove them. However, there is only one bedrock in the windows, not a line like it is in the screenshoot of the topic.

    Console :
    23:12:01 [INFO] pomme72 requested to trade with winchester72
    23:12:12 [INFO] winchester72 accepted pomme72's request to trade.
    23:12:40 [INFO] The trade between winchester72 and pomme72 was cancelled.

    All is obviously normal !

    Help :( ty :)
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    les fenêtres du commerce ont un seul bloc de bedrock en eux depuis la dernière version (j'ai besoin de changer l'image). Je ne comprendre pas la probleme avec les articles être automatiquement ajouté, mais il devrait changer dans la prochaine version.
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    Thank you so much, cannot wait for it ! :)
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    Look Awesome !
    Really good job Arkel, will try it tomorow

    And, Long life to French, From Canada =)
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    "Improved GUI for poutcraft launcher"

    Few questions: I'm assuming this will download a new gui texture to the gui folder of the current texture pack called "trade" or something? In that case, can we still edit it to match our texture packs?

    Also, how much progress you got on this? If you want I can help out on the texture side of things if you need an extra pair of hands - texturing can be tedious for some but I enjoy it and I like helping out where I can :) If you don't need help no worries, just offering the option.
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    Couple of things, 1) im using dev version of spout client, i cant see the buttons, but i guess its down to the dev version, but more importantly

    2) started a trade with a user, right clicked a stack of arrows to half them, instead it adds a NEW full stack to the trade window, and i can do that as much as i like, duping stacks of arrows, if we accept the trade, the duped items stay, if i take them back, on finish of trade, i do NOT have stacks, so to dupe them, i have to confirm the trade, but still its a massive dupe bug.
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    You should put a multi language support, I will translate the French, if I pass the messages


    My first language is French
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    When someone trades with me, I can't see the 'Accept' or 'Decline' window :(
    I have this problem on a few plugins, I also can't see the buttons on SPITEMS.
    Can you please help me?
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    Sorry, don't know how I missed this one, it looks like an easy fix though, will be sorted within the next 5-10 minutes.

    Are you using the latest recommended version of the SpoutCraft launcher? The buttons only appear to the target of the trade - if I began a trade with someone, the buttons would only appear to them.

    Edit: Fixed
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    Turned out 'use latest dev build' had somehow been ticked :S Works great now though.
    Keep up the good work with this plugin and I can't wait to see the new trade window :D
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    awesome, exacly what i needed.
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    Looks amazing! Epic work!

    Will try this out later; really impressed with it :)
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    Could you possible make this top noch and add support for iconomy so you can put in how much cash you want to transfer. I mean so ppl can trade stuff for money between players. That would make this plugin even more awesome.

    We are using it on our server and thats the only feature i miss.

    Thanks alot for reading :) Sorry for my poor english :)
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    This is on my TODO list, the problem is I haven't yet thought of a way to do it without requiring people to have the SpoutCraft launcher or to type out a command.
  23. Awesome plugin !
    But i'm french and it would be nice to allow language configuration :3 Even if i have to translate sentences myself.
    I hope a day all developpers will care about other languages...
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    so the right click thing, while handy, is annoying, and does not play well with citizens npc's, every time someone trys to use a trader, tries to trade with the npc, option to turn off the right click trade? or make it shift+right click or something?
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    Did you look in the config?
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    No because im a massive idiot
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    No worries ;)
  28. What about my message :) Is it possible for a future update ?
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    It's possible, but it will mean retrieving every single piece of text from the configuration
  30. I meant only sentences who players can see, like "Player has joined the game", "Downloading music ..." etc.
    Text wich admins saw when they type commands dont really need to be translated.

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