[ECON] SpoutTrade v1.4 - Trade items using an in-game GUI [1597]

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    Trade items using an in-game GUI​
    Version 1.4.3 - Tested with CraftBukkit #1597​
    (Does not require SpoutCraft Client)
    This plugin is on BukkitDev! Go to

    SpoutTrade makes use of the power of Spout to make trading items incredibly easy and intuitive. No longer will you have to awkwardly drop items on the floor, or type out long or complicated commands.
    Screenshots (open)

    An example trade in progress

    Achievement style notifications during the trade for players with SpoutCraft launcher

    Simple accept/decline dialogue for players with SpoutCraft launcher

    • Provides an in-game trading GUI
    Download on BukkitDev


    • Ensure you have the Spout installed and running, the client mod isn't necessary, but it will provide additional features.
    • Place SpoutTrade.jar into your server's plugins folder
    • Start and stop your server to automatically generate the configuration file
    • Alter the config to suit your needs
    • The Bukkit permissions node is 'spouttrade.trade', it defaults to true

    • Type /trade <player> to create a trade request with a player, if they don't accept or decline after 15 seconds, the request will time out.
    • When this player has accepted your request, the trading GUI will appear.
    • Drag the items in your inventory that you want to trade to your section of the trade window. The plugin will prevent you placing them in the other player's slots.
    • When you're finished, close the window, this will close the other players window also.
    • Read the confirmation summary, and accept or reject the trade
    • /trade <player> - Initiates a trade with the player
    • /trade accept - Accepts the current action
    • /trade decline - Denies the current action
    • Economy Support
    • Improved trade window for users with the SpoutCraft Launcher
    Version 1.4.1
    • Fixed update checking
    • Improved citizens compatibility
    Version 1.4.0
    • Updated to Latest RBs of Spout and Bukkit
    • Improved localisation
    • Auto updating
    • Far more dupe proof (you will have to drag and drop now as opposed to clicking)
    • Cleaner GUI handling
    • Several Bugfixes
    • Logging options
    • Optional usage tracking
    Older (open)

    Version 1.3.0
    • Much more dupe/item loss proof
    • Improved existing SpoutCraft GUI support
    • Localisation (see strings in config)
    • Rewrote core trade class
    • Tweaked inventory handling
    • Tweaked logging
    Version 1.2.3
    • Exploit fix
    Version 1.2.2
    • Removed depreciated methods to allow compatibility with SpoutCraft #256
    • Improved Citizens compatibility
    • Code refactoring
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed right click duplication bug
    Version 1.2
    • Increased size of trade window
    • Improved inventory and virtual chest handling
    • Squashed numerous bugs
    • Added summary of items to trade confirmation text
    • Simple accept/decline dialogue on trade request for players with SpoutCraft launcher
    • Implemented range checking and right click trade
    • Implemented a config to alter the settings for range checking and right click trade
    Version 1.1.1
    • No more items can be added/taken from the GUI once one player has closed it
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed various duplication bugs. Post a description detailing the step you took to duplicate an item if you find any more.
    • Code cleanup
    • Starting a trade with a player now creates a request they have to accept
    • Logs when trade starts, finishes or is cancelled to the console
    • More room in the GUI - Now only use a single bedrock spacer
    • You can now shift-click to have an item return to your inventory
    Version 1.0

    • Released

    Credits (open)

    • SpoutDev team for the Spout API
    • Dark_Balor and Timberjaw for their VirtualChest and TileEntityChest classes, which they kindly released under a GnuGPL licence.
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    2 things one (not to be picky) but shouldn't the changelog be at the end :). and also does this require the spoutcraft launcher to work so would that be another dependancy?
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    It would require spout client and spout server. This is the point of spout. Not forced to use though but you would not be able to trade with someone without spout.

    @Arkel Not bad but I would have someone help you test any possible ways of duping including crashing game in mid trades and such.

    Also maybe consider someday redoing it and actually adding a trade window :)

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    Well the admin can change the config of spout to force the player to use spout or use spoutDemand which is another way to force players to you spout
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    No, it doesn't require the launcher. It only needs the server plugin to listen for inventory events.
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    Don't force just don't allow some the features for players. That is how I always would see it. They are missing out.
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    thanks for releasing your plugin :)
    i would suggest a additional feature (that would require Spoutcraft): Buttons instead of commands for people that are using Spoutcraft
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    support it for multi-world?

    I don't want my player trading in another world, i want them to trade on their world only not to another world..
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    Very nice, was just talking about a plugin like this 2days ago, nice to see it come out! one issue tho, seems when a trade window was opened between two users and both rejected it, one of them was given a block of bedrock, now this isn't a massive issue, due to bedrock being blacklisted on my server, but its a bit annoying having to explain to people about it.

    love the plugin tho! cool to see the improved trade window.
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    Always browsing for new spout plugins, each hour, you sir, made something magnificent, can't wait to test this out.


    Notice economy support: This mean's you can enter a $ in the trade window?
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    Interesting concept. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the custom GUI, but will people that aren't using SpoutCraft still be able to trade with people that don't use SpoutCraft once you make a custom GUI, or will you make it stay cross-compatible? Also, added to the Spout Plugin List.
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    Cosmic Break

    all this needs is multiworld support.
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    Ok i tried them.. and there are many bugs that i've encountered..

    1. P1 and P2 trading windows, P1 has a 1 diamond sword and bedrock, P1 put 1 Diamond sword then P1 tried SHIFT CLICK the Diamond Sword then close the trading window, and P1 got it then throw it away and trade confirm, in P2 Trading Window, the diamond sword is still there, P2 close the trading window and trade confirm. P1 get the diamond sword on the floor and he can use it, in P2 inventory he got the diamond sword and he can use it.. Duplication?
    2. P1 and P2 trading windows, P1 has a 1 diamond sword and bedrock, P1 put 1 Diamond sword then P1 tried SHIFT CLICK the Diamond Sword then close the trading window and he got it then trade confirm, in P2 Trading Window, the diamond sword is still there, P2 close the trading window and trade confirm. P1 click the diamond sword in his inventory and it disappear, in P2 inventory he got the diamond sword along with a bedrock..
    3. P1 and P2 trading windows, P1 has a 2 wool, P1 put 2 wool then P2 tried SHIFT CLICK the 2 wool then close the trading window, and P2 got it then click the 2 wool in his inventory and it disappear then trade confirm, in P1 Trading Window, the 2 wool is still there along with another 2 wool in different slot, P1 close the trading window and trade confirm. P2 get the 2 wool again and he can use it, in P1 inventory he got the 2 wool too and he can use it.. Duplication?
    there are mny bugs.. so many bugs that i can't test it all by myself..
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    Its a cool idea ;) maybe add a range setting.
    So players can just open a trade window if p1 is in the range of p2
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    Also just had a user attempt to trade 2 stacks of sand for 1 stack of coal, after confirming the trade, neither of the users got any of the items, all sand and coal was removed, then one of the users was unable to take things from his normal chest, it would just take them back, also when he touched things in his inventory they disappeared, it almost seemed asif some instance of the trade window was still running, hence touching items in his inv made them disappear.

    I will use this plugin as soon as its stable, as unfortunately i cant be dealing with people abusing it and others just falling unlucky to bugs and loosing stuff.
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    Awesome! thank you for this! :D just a quick suggestion, maybe make it so you have to right click on a player and it sends them a trade request, just a thought coz i want people on my server to use as less commands as possible. :)
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    I'm not sure if I like across the map trading or not. Can you add a local option?

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    Fixing bugs and adding a config supporting world options and range checking today.
    To my knowledge this will only be possibly with the SpoutCraft launcher. So I guess I'll have to add an extra parameter to the trade command which offers currency or something.
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    Any progress of the economy support?

    Great plugin start by the way. Even without economy support, this is extremely useful. Maybe this is too much work, but would it be possible to make it so that you can only trade with someone a certain distance from you?
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    Hey Guy,
    if u click the bedrock ... it disapeer ... and u get it in your inventory!!!! and how i can take items FROM ME out of the trade? maybe i missclicked 1 item, ...
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    I'm going to be unable to add world options and range checking today, but the bugs should be fixed now.
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    Its like you just read my mind!
    Great Plugin !

    I will download and test it when my server is back online!
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    Players are able to get the bedrock in the middle pretty easier. I guess they just click on it?
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    Thank you for making this! :)
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    It would be great if in your configuration you plan to add, you had an option for a distance limit for trades.

    Your plugin looks cool though.
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    The people are right, I agree it make's user's interact more, since it is command base, I understand why it would not work, but making it so user's have to go near each other to trade, like in any typical MMO.
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    I just want to say, I probably will not download this unless more of my players get Spout (more meaning... anyone other than me), but I want to take the time to let you know I think this is a wonderful idea. Kudos.
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    Your players don't need Spout. The plugin only depends upon the server side plugin.

    Players are unable to get the bedrock from the middle, or even just trade bedrock.
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    Congrats on Public Release!
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    :eek: Gasp! Then it's even more awesome than I thought!
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